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  1. Interested miller.wj33@gmail.com Can I see league page, please?
  2. Start-up keeper league needs competitive owners looking to start fresh. Payout will be $100+ but there is no buy in this year. Play free. NL/AL. Daily lineups. Head-to-head Categories 7x7: HR, R, RBI, H, SB, AVG, K // W, SV, H, BB, ERA, WHIP, K. Online snake draft March 25, 9:00pm ET (a Saturday night) This is a challenging format and a league for grownups. Respect the game. Respect your opponents. Try like hell to win. Email me and I will send you an invite. miller.wj33@gmail.com Let's have some fun. You can see the setup here. https://batflippersanonymous.baseball.cbssports.com/rules