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  1. In a 16 team league, I guess I don't need to congratulate myself anymore lol
  2. Who you guys think ranks better now him or kawhi ros? with or without load management?
  3. Count me in riding on your hype train..
  4. so you think he's worth more than before the Ariza trade once he gets back?
  5. I gave up Kanter and D'aron fox for Him on my 16team league so I'm not sure if it's buy low. lol hopefully it is
  6. gobert is currently ranked 20th and he was 27th pre season. how can you say he's overrated? people doesnt draft gobert to try and win PT category.
  7. wakanda forever. I traded joker for him before he went down and I still didn't regret it.
  8. I'm planning to get him for my Lavine. tell me one more thing to convince me more
  9. I'm just so lucky right now my team is doing well without him. get well soon dipo I just need you come playoff time.
  10. why surprised? He never had stocks that's why he's always a late 2nd or 3rd rounder guy during draft.
  11. he's a SF and kinda skinny. you mean big man for your size? lol
  12. hamstring is a quite serious injury. it takes a lot of days rest because you can easily aggravate it if you force to play with it. I think at least 2 weeks rest based on how he walked out of the court.
  13. MRI already revealed bone contusion. So atleast it’s not meniscus tear or acl which requires several months to heal. Should be at least 2 weeks imo.
  14. I think it’s not ACL. He even said after the game that he’s fine. So might be meniscus tear or just a strain..