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  1. Going against Lamar, CMC, and Parker in the finals and winning by 1 because butker missed an extra point
  2. Browns get 1st and goal at the 1 and Chubb gets nothing, Keenan Allen gets stopped at the 1. Now up by 5 and going against butker. Not looking great.
  3. Balt def vs Crowder and Ryan Griffen and somehow losing, looks like I'll be playing for 3rd
  4. Didn't expect to be losing with Ravens def against Crowder and aTE on IR but here we are
  5. That Winston turnover is a guarantee
  6. surprised to see Thielen was dropped to waivers. Who should I drop to pick him up? RB: Kamara, Chubb, Jaylen Samuels, Montgomery WR: Keenan Allen, Ridley, Gallup, Manny Sanders Def: Pats, Ravens Leaning Montgomery, haven't been able to trust him this year.
  7. Was up 50 with Keenan Allen left against mahomes and bears def. Bears already have 24 in my leagues scoring.... This is fine
  8. Have Allen as WR1, need a WR2 and flex: Gallup vs Detroit Sanu vs Philly Ridley vs Carolina Also have E.Sanders but not trusting the injury. Currently have Sanu/Gallup in.
  9. Going against cousins so of course 2 one yard TDs, f this game
  10. Who to start at flex, Samuels or Montgomery in ppr? Have Montgomery currently due to match.
  11. I think I would. Winston is no guarantee and Gallup should be a good play this week
  12. Ppr league. Rb: Chubb, Howard Wr: Allen, Gallup Flex: Montgomery Available Bench: Sanders, jaylen Samuels Worth putting Sanders in at wr and possibly miss out on Samuels if Conner is out or Gallup at flex?
  13. Relying on the dolphins to not be terrible to win the week isn't a good plan