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  1. Voted for Mack and Freeman. Good luck and thanks for responding to mine.!
  2. Sanders - -Thielen - McLaurin Allen Good luck and thanks for mine!
  3. I'm curious why after an hour and 13 views I have not received any responses? Is the answer to my question obvious? Am I phrasing my question incorrectly? In my opinion my request does not require a long detailed answer I'm simply asking for a selection between to players. Feel free to respond. Thank you as always!
  4. I like Mostert....Conner can't seem to play an entire game anymore. Good luck!
  5. I agree with what you are thinking. Hunt - Mostert - Thielen Good luck!
  6. .05 point ppr league with 10 teams Austin Hooper @ 49ers Jared Cook vs Colts
  7. Another vote for Parker. Good luck!
  8. WR's Adams - Moore RB's Chubb - Mostert Flex Edelman Good luck!
  9. Miller for me. I think the bears will be forced to throw the ball a ton. Good luck!