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  1. if you dropped this guy... pick him back up ASAP
  2. Reports are saying he resumed shooting
  3. I would play OG instead of Conley tomorrow
  4. M Chriss is gone and he's starting tonight's game over WCS
  5. The prolific rebounder is on the trade block. Detroit looks to be rebuilding which would be great for Dr. Doum
  6. Favors also anchors you in INJs per game.🤣
  7. Don't panic: Trades will start happening THIS Sunday. There's a reason why the Knicks are showcasing EVERY single one of their players tonight.
  8. He's very aggressive on offense and defense but don't have the reach or hops to block or steal as much as MRob
  9. Waiting for Fiz to be fired officially before I pick him up