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  1. If he likes Hardman give him Hardman. Like most of your WR options right now he's boom or bust, I prefer both Kirk and Williams.
  2. Not when she only hit you up once.
  3. I feel Drew Brees is extremely underrated this year considering his numbers down the stretch.
  4. Cook owners, would you accept a trqde of Miles Sanders for Dalvin with talks of him holding out given how the last holdouts have gone? I have Mattison on my bench.
  5. Just droped juancho for this dude. Low risk high reward. Get well soon.
  6. God he's gonna be expensive. My three year run of ownership may be coming to an end.
  7. That seals it for me. Cook 2020.
  8. My oh mh what a difference a season can make. Please give your arguments for Cook vs Kamara, Standard vs PPR, fantasy vs reality. Personally I think on paper these players are very close to one another. Last year was the first "down year" for Kamara and I think he rebounds in a huge way. I see him being sneaky value at the end of the first/start of the second round in both formats if he falls that far. Cook to me is a dialed in top 5 pick, CMC, Barkley, Zeke, Cook, Henry with CMC the unanimous first up pick. In Dynasty who would you roll with?
  9. Lillard and Dinwiddie might get it done
  10. Kamara with TDs is a steal outside the top 5.
  11. Word, I think Standards no reach though bud. What's a trap back?
  12. Just for laughs, what's your top 12 standard draft picks? I feel it's gonna be dramatically different. 1. CMac. 2. Henry. 3. Dalvin Cook. 4. Zeke. 5. Barkley. 6. Fournette. 7. Jacobs. 8. Chubb. 9. Kamara. 10. A Jones. 11. Gurley. 12. Hopkins? I feel like WR is too volatile to take first round in standard with one of these RBs there. Just IMO of course.
  13. What a choice to have. I'd roll with Wilson.
  14. Same debate with Laird or Jones. It's a headache. Jones is hard to trust with Arians, while really Laird is an unknown "workhorse" I've got Jones out there now, so probably Laird of the two.