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  1. I think this will be a buy-out situation. The Nets could shave a few million off of their bill and give D12 the chance to play for Pelicans, Thunder, Sixers, Warriors, or some other team as a backup big. I think the real winners are Hernangomez and Zeller, but Allen could be a great option.
  2. Tyreke and Mitchell have both been hot, but I scooped Kris Dunn and Jamal Murray off of waivers in my 10-team league and they're outplaying my IL players that they're replacing. I would say those four guards plus Kuzma/Prince/Markannen are the best.
  3. John Wall started the party against the Bulls with 4 blocks of his own. Towns is keeping the party going and hopefully fo my fantasy purposes, Capela and Myles will celebrate as well.
  4. I just lost Gallinari to injury... again, but coincidentally there was a healthy Eric Gordon in the free agency to replace him.
  5. John Wall in a package deal. My Schroder and Favors for his Wall. It's gonna be vetoed by the end of the day though
  6. Salaries have to match up (or at least be within like 5% of each other) in a trade.
  7. I bundled Kuzma and Prince for Capela and I thought that was the craziest trade that could happen for Prince. McCollum is straight up insane.
  8. Figures that as soon as I drop him, he explodes for 11 points
  9. I honestly don't see why the Bucks don't pull the trigger. Brogdon is on a cheap contract, but isn't a young rookie. In fact, Bledsoe turns 28 just two days before Brogdon turns 25 so age-wise there isn't a huge difference. If the Bucks could get Bledsoe and Dudley for a combination of Brogdon, a draft pick, and either Henson or Monroe, I don't see why they don't try it.
  10. He slipped all the way to 76 in my league, but Teague slipped to 71 as well. Lots of big men randomly went in the fifties followed by forwards in the sixties and some point guards really fell.
  11. At this point, I would literally trade him for an empty Orbitz soda bottle just to clear up a roster spot.
  12. Nvm. He walked off the court without being assisted. My boi is fine.
  13. I already had Schroder and Payton out. I just traded Reggie Jackson for Eric Bledsoe. The basketball gods are frowning upon my PG position.