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  1. Rising Star. Was targeted all over the field (short, intermediate, and deep routes) and Russ went to him repeatedly in overtime, and DK answered. This kid is going places. Josh Gordon is irrelevant.
  2. Highest possible comp pick is 3rd round, they could surely get better than a 3rd in a trade.
  3. He was killing it last year until TJ Watt destroyed his shoulder in week 9.
  4. He went 75/1182/7 his sophomore year with Alex Smith and 87/1479/12 last year with Mahomes. He is quite possibly the fastest player to ever play in the NFL, has good hands and route running, plays with last year's league MVP and for Any Reid. Have you been living under a rock? What more could you possibly need to see?
  5. Honestly I think he is the WR1 from here on out.
  6. I watched every snap. He ran well. He caught and ran after the catch well besides for the 1 bad drop. He bullied his way into the endzone on his td. Pollard got no run, even on passing downs. His usage was great. The o line did did okay against a solid Jets run d while missing both their left tackle and right tackle, both who are quite good, especially their LT Tyron Smith. He scored again. Their offense hasn't looked great the past 2 weeks and they are still manufacturing yards and touchdowns. So what's the issue?
  7. 33 touches, 152 total yards, 5 catches, 1 touchdown. Can y'all stop crying yet?
  8. He also got downed at the 3, could have had a TD if Kuechly didn't make that tackle. Kid is locked in as a WR1. His targets are much higher quality than Evans'.
  9. People benched a healthy reek coming back from an upper body injury? Lmao
  10. He didn't break his collarbone, the rumored time frame was 4-6 weeks, and the team trainer said he was week to week.
  11. Because it's indicative of how well he is running with the ball, is this a serious question?
  12. if he comes back in 2 weeks he will be a risky flex and will ascend to low-end WR1 status as his snap counts increase. My guess is he will be eased in over the first 1-3 games.
  13. A little hope for everybody, he's looking pretty good here...
  14. Have both in PPR, been trying to unload Evans. I prefer Godwin ROS - just think he is the much safer play. Definitely not unloading Evans for cheap though, I view them both as back end WR1s. Sorry for your loss.