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  1. We must not be watching the same games. The amount of corner routes, come backs, shallow crossers, and 7 yard slants I see him wide open on while Murray doesn't even look at his side of the field is brutal
  2. hard to deny that he should go 1.1 next year, if you want to win your league. He may not light the league on fire to start the year, but if you can get to the playoffs, he is the most valuable asset in fantasy, easily, when this time of year rolls around.
  3. But for a literal hail mary hopkins hasn't had double digit points since week 7. Sucks, but he is absolutely not a high end WR1 at this point. Arguably not even a top 10 play. If you watch the Cards, it's also extremely discouraging. Murray has accuracy issues. He is horrible at working through his progressions. The cards never look at hopkins in the redzone. He gets a few corner routes for 8-14 yards and that's just about it. Sometimes he'll get a a shallow crosser with a ton of room to run but Murray is unable to hit him in stride and he can't rack up the yac. Wish I traded this guy months ago
  4. The refs literally giving the Patriots the game. What the actual f--- was that call?
  5. But for his 50+ yard hail Mary TD, Hopkins wouldn't have scored double digit points since week 7.