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  1. Stolen from another forum: The Lakers are 24-23 with LeBron. If you take away that 6-12 stretch and replace it with 9-9 (18 games multiplied by their win percentage with Bron), they're 33-32 and still four games out of the playoffs. They just haven't been good enough with or without LeBron.Put another way, they're +1.3 with LeBron on the court. If you're +1.3 with your best player on the court, you're not going to make the playoffs in the West. The ship didn't sail unless you can admit kobe is better individually speaking. Lebron is not fundamentally sound, he is notorious for traveling and just terrible footwork. Most of his scoring in his heyday was from bull rushing to the rim. That's not to say he isn't talented but if you follow their respective careers, Lebron doesn't hold a candle to Kobe especially when it comes to the eye test.
  2. Bro the operative word here is the West. If anything, being on the Lakers shows the real disparity between the conferences and thus him having an easier time padding his resume. Kobe is better than Lebron btw. I gauge beyond circumstantial resumes (especially when one played in a joke of a conference). I mean there is a reason why NCAA value conferences differently no?
  3. Absolutely. Kobe dragged arguably the worst starting lineup in history to the playoffs in the tougher west (smush parker, mihm, kwame, etc). This goes to show that Lebron can't will a team to win like kobe can simply put.
  4. Definitely Monday on a b2b against the Cavs. The start of many people's playoffs.
  5. Lebron likely wants the record of reaching them before a certain age. One and done rule will be lifted. Lebron would want to protect the records as much as possible imo.
  6. Lebron is a known stats padder and unless things have changed, I doubt he sits. He wants em records.
  7. Lonzo initially was diagnosed with a grade 3 ankle sprain which had a 4-6 timetable and now he also has the bone bruise. In actuality we are looking at close to 2 months off. I don't think it's apples to apples but TJ is notoriously a bad healer I believe.
  8. Glass Harris had to be sacrificed but I am ok with it.
  9. 12 team Standard 9 Cat h2h My Marc Gasol and Levert for Griffin and Aminu. I want to drop Aminu to stream during playoffs. What say you?
  10. Usually favour depth in deeper leagues. Rather go with THJ and Harris.