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  1. Boy i hope i'm wrong on this, but i doubt he plays more then 30 min in a game ROS. just a hunch with the way they treated him so far. nonetheless.. 25-30mpg is still enough to have an impact (see preseason).
  2. better question is: where are the stocks? lines look like a binary code
  3. trip dub at the half.. not bad.. not bad 🤙
  4. well.. since he lived there for couple of years, i'm sure he would know 😄
  5. i mean.. i guess i could live with the fg% if he would just go back to being an 85%+ FT shooter
  6. the only automatic thing you get with him is headache.. so
  7. don't think you will need to wait till next season
  8. Box Score says it's just 1 tho nonetheless.. guy is beastin out there
  9. by far all of the other guys metioned here are either injured/suspended (curry, ayton, zion etc.) and would be producing if healthy or have potential/upside to get better due to various reasons (conley, fox, markannen etc.). Green is just plain and simpy trash. candidate for missing games here and there aka load management, when he suits up it's like.. ugh.. and on top of that he is a shutdown candidate.
  10. jesus christ.. if he doesn't want to play then just call it a season. pure trash
  11. there is definitely a ft problem.. that being said.. the missing stocks are more worrisome
  12. The Clippers have just 2 games the whole next week.. but it's a b2b set. Over/Under this wussy misses one of them?