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  1. it depends on your team build, but bottom line: at least with giannis you know what you get ^^
  2. no.. but i will stop when he gets to his last year avg. promise ✌️
  3. thats all you need to know.. and still some guys here expect a top 5 finish. baffling
  4. Got Tatum and MPJ back… now lost George and Wood for god knows how long. And of course all of that in a week where both have two quality games. i dont even know why i am giving a f--- this season
  5. i am keeping him even in the shallower leagues i'm in (10 teams or less), just to see if can really suck so much the entire season. seriously.. that would be damn impressive (in a weird way.. but still)
  6. yes, but he had 6 steals in the 5 games for brooklyn so far you can't just ignore the other ones where he didn't have one.
  7. 6 steals in 5 games is not elite. neither is 1.0 for the season so far. in fact, that's pretty mediocre at best. but yes, compared to his other elite catergories i listed above, the steals is the one i could see coming back
  8. what i loved about harden in houston? elite points elite 3s elite FT elite steals 😄
  9. i made my peace with it. sometime you gamble and win, sometimes you gamble and lose. to be honest, i never thought he would be traded to brooklyn, that their package would be ever good enough for houston. hoped for a trade to the sixers and him as the main ball handler there. but it was not meant to be. hindsight 20/20
  10. i still think it's gonna be early february. nonetheless..the most important thing ist that his knee is 100%. he is a fun player to own and watch
  11. they barely won because they play god awful defense. scoring wasn't the problem in those games. and i don't know if the best way to engage kyrie to play defense is to take away his shots.
  12. you all wouldn't listen 🤷‍♂️ this is not his team and it will never be. 3rd best player on the nets (again.. fantasy wise). yes, he won't take just 8 shots and be so passive all the time, but he will not be close to the player he was the past year.
  13. on yahoo maybe.. espn never gave him the C eligibility
  14. member when this guy used to be a great source for stocks? i member.. now its just popcorn stats
  15. and of top of that: more games for him in the 2nd half of the season, when he should be much more in rhythm
  16. there is also gonna be a dropoff in 3pg (so far 3.1 compared to 4.4 and 4.8 in the past two years) and as a FT achor (7.9 fta this year, over 11 fta past 2 years).
  17. hey, i have harden on my team and i god hope that i'm wrong (and will happily eat crow), but i just don't see it. he is the one who came new to the team and he is playing with two guys who won't defer. yeah his assist numbers will be high, but who the f--- drafted harden for assists? or efficiency? dont get me wrong.. he is still gonna be good and there gonna be nights where he will explode. but like user over me said: the guy we drafted is gone. and that just sucks. yeah there was always the risk of this happening, but him being traded to the nets was the worst case scenario, it is
  18. like i said.. he is gonna be the 3rd best Player on this Team (Fantasy wise)
  19. https://www.nba.com/pacers/news/myles-turner-injury-update-210118 perhaps dodged a bullet here otoh i had KAT last year and that DTD thing won't get me fooled again lol
  20. have no issues with the fg% and the occasionally single digit points games. thats who he is and thats fine and to be expected. i want the steals numbers from last year and he finally "exploded" in a game. now lets see if he can bump up the 1.3 avg.
  21. smh.. he gone (and with him me winning blocks every week)
  22. wasn‘t he in foul trouble? Thus the low minutes
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