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  1. any chance this guy gets SF eligibility on ESPN?
  2. Probably dedmon with the recent news about capela only playing limited mins even if he does return
  3. 12-team 9-cat Got offered Tobias Harris and Lonzo Ball for my Donovan Mitchell and Shake Milton. Should I take it? Thanks leave a link!
  4. I would keep Kyrie, Warren will be inconsistent with pacers at full strength
  5. Got offered Beal for my KAT. I'm comfortable in the standings but worried Kat will be out for the season. With the injury news, should I accept? Thanks leave a link!
  6. Smart or Hart depending on if brown or Ingram are out
  7. Bogdan or Grant, probably Grant
  8. ESPN with the O tag already...this could be serious
  9. Are you worried about capela affecting Collins at all? How about Collins and Mitchell for Beal and Jarrett allen? That's too much right?
  10. I would keep an eye on Jackson and swap him out if he gets bought out. Other than that your team looks solid to me