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  1. I find some of the comments here to be rather amusing. Can anyone name a single WR who posted a good, if not great, fantasy season, when their team lost their perennially solid quarterback, eventually went to the third quarterback, and committed to running the ball 40 times per game? This is assuredly a long list... In all seriousness, if people don't think Juju is a superior WR, that's cool. I think it's a fair debate if he's a bona fide #1 without an AB-type player until he proves it. But maybe he doesn't have to be that type of receiver to be successful in fantasy. He still has the traits I would look for in a fantasy receiver. Excels at route running, used in a variety of different situations (deep, middle, underneath, screens, sweeps), has enough speed to break long gains and scores, etc. Situations change every year, and of course for redraft that has to be evaluated. But I would be hard-pressed to say Juju's skills regressed last year. For transparency, Juju is one of my keepers in a keep-4 league.
  2. Agreed with most here - Waller is probably due for some regression in catches, but the YAC stat should ensure that he's going to post sustainable yards. It's also reasonable to expect an uptick in touchdowns. That being said, if he's being drafted at the level of Ertz/Andrews...that's a steep cost for redraft. I could see a scenario in which Waller posts similar numbers...rookie WRs who seem to have talent and will need some respect from defenses, but may not be ready to be bona fide WR1/WR2 right away. Raiders' game flow should continue to be positive. For transparency, I'm likely keeping Waller in a keeper league.
  3. Sorry about that, it's .5 PPR. Thanks for taking the time to weigh in!
  4. I don't have to select keepers until August 2020, but I have found it's helpful to understand people's perspectives about players now before the churn of the draft and the offseason. Helps me to identify my own biases and what I think might be overvaluing/undervaluing. Your input is greatly appreciated! League info: 12 teams, 17 roster spots, snake draft, my 2020 draft position = 10th. Positions: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, RB/WR/TE Keeper info: up to 4 keepers per team. Keeper value = 1 draft round higher than the previous year. You can keep a player through their value as a first-round pick. 2019 Final Roster (2020 Draft Round Value) Keenan Allen (1) Austin Ekeler (2) Matt Brieda (4) Matt Ryan (5) Marlon Mack (6) (2019 keeper) Cooper Kupp (7) (2019 keeper) Devin Singletary (8) Justin Jackson (8) Devonta Freeman (10) (2019 keeper) Ito Smith (11) Chase Edmonds (12) Dallas Goedert (12) Ryquell Armstead (12) Darren Waller (13) Juju Smith-Schuster (16) (2019 keeper) JJ Arcega-Whiteside (16) Reggie Bonnafon (17) My initial plan: Juju is obvious. If Singletary enters the 2020 season as the lead back, he's tremendous value at 8, with RB at an absolute premium due to keepers. I still like Kupp, despite his declining usage down the stretch. Don't know what to do about Waller - OAK is bound to improve at WR, and the QB situation is up in the air. Also not sure about Mack. At the end of the season, the numbers are there, but his absolute lack of involvement in the passing game makes me wonder if I'm using a keeper spot for too low of a ceiling. Is Ekeler worth it as a 2nd round pick if he's the guy at LAC? There's value in the guarantee I have him, but his round value would probably be low 1st/high 2nd next year anyways, i.e. I'm not gaining keeper round value on him.
  5. I have some not-so-pleasant matchups this week! The options are: Devonta Freeman at SF Marlon Mack at NO Juju Smith-Schuster vs. BUF Dallas Goedert at WAS Free Agent Options Russell Gate (WR) at SF JJ Arcega-Whiteside (WR) at WAS Relevant starts from my opponent Julio Jones Zach Ertz I'm leaning toward Goedert. My guess is the Washington defense is heavily focused on Ertz with no other warm bodies left at WR for the Eagles, and Goedert has the opportunity for a big day. Frankly, I like his TD potential the most among that group. Appreciate anyone's insight!
  6. Building on this, there's a big difference between the fantasy perspective and the real-life football perspective. KC's signing of Carlos Hyde seemed to be designed in regard to possibly obtaining a compensatory pick (Hyde was cut so he doesn't count against a compensatory pick). Likewise, KC's lack of pursuit of a UFA running back in the free agency period. Why would they draft a running back? Because 1) every team needs depth at RB and 2) at the point of the draft, the team had zero RB under contract after 2020. This doesn't mean that Thompson is or isn't good. Whether or not they really liked McCoy, they kind of backed themselves into that signing by cutting Hyde. No matter what you may think of Darrel Williams, they certainly weren't going to go into a Super Bowl season with 3 RB being Damien, Darrel and Darwin. That's an awful lot of unknown and risk. My perspective is that I don't think their offseason moves tell us a lot about Darrel Williams, mainly because we amateurs and the professionals with the Chiefs haven't really seen Darrel get a chance to play - until last week. Sometimes it just takes an opportunity to get on the field to show what you can do.
  7. Given the emphasis on compensatory picks, the Chiefs' signing of Carlos Hyde kind of set them up for the McCoy signing. Hyde, having been cut by JAX, wouldn't count in the +/- tally in an attempt to gain a compensatory pick - if they were aiming for one. Basically, they could worry about other FA signings that would count in the +/- tally without having one additional signing. When Hyde was cut, if they wanted to add a player, well, there wasn't a lot to choose from. McCoy was by far the best of the bunch. I don't mean to say McCoy isn't good or is inadequate - just guessing on how the Chiefs' strategy led to the McCoy signing. I also think that you might be putting too much weight on Damien, Darrel and Darwin. We don't really know if Darwin is good or not - maybe the Chiefs do, but we have virtually nothing to work with. The Chiefs have had more time with Darrel to know if he has some talent, but not a lot of in-game time to make that assessment. Damien has a five-game stretch of success to his name. That's it. For a team with Super Bowl aspirations now, there's an element of risk there. No surprise they would add depth when the opportunity presented itself.
  8. Right, but last year was his rookie year as an undrafted free agent. It should not come as any surprise that he didn't play until they were running short on warm bodies. I don't think anyone's trying to make the claim Darrel is the next superstar running back. But this wouldn't be the first time that a player had to get the opportunity via injury or whatever else to get on the field to show what he can do. We have a direct example from last year - Damien Williams. To recall briefly, Damien was essentially an unwanted player. He was an RFA after the '16 season and zero of the 31 teams that were not his team offered him a contract (which, in fairness, may have had to do with his tender value). After '17, the Chiefs offered him a very small contract ($1 million for one year), and he served as a special teams guy until Hunt and Ware couldn't play. Then he played...and perceptions on Damien changed pretty quickly. One point on the McCoy signing - as with the Carlos Hyde signing, by adding players who had been cut (Hyde cut by the Jaguars), those signings do not count in the +/- free agency tally for compensatory picks. For as much grief as Hyde got, that's likely the reason they signed him. Certainly, McCoy's history with Reid is a factor here, but given that the Chiefs weren't going to go after a free agent for either monetary or compensatory reasons, the McCoy signing makes a lot of sense. In the end, though, I see Darrel as a dart throw with some logic behind it. By my eyes, Darrel showed some positives on Sunday, and the two backs theoretically in front of him have real questions marks.
  9. Perhaps the answer is "it's early." Two games to see what they had with Damien and McCoy. Things seemed to work pretty well with Damien last year. McCoy's track record speaks for itself. Perhaps seeing a player in real game usage changes the perception, too.
  10. Yeah, the path is no doubt convoluted. Having drafted him as a lotto ticket, I'm liking my lotto ticket value at this point in time. The biggest thing that impressed me was his pass blocking. If the opportunity presents itself, he's going to be trusted to play. Given McCoy's age and the general vagueness surrounding Damien Williams' injury, right now I'm in "heck, why not" mode. While I have no basis to offer any prediction on him becoming the starter, he passed the eye test for me in terms of running with the opportunity when available. I also offer advice on playing the real lottery 🤔
  11. I don't mean to harp on it...but according to the NFL Next Gen Stats, he clocked the fifth fastest single-play speed yesterday at 20.88 mph on his 41-yard run. Perhaps the 40-yard, no pads, controlled environment Combine time isn't necessarily the best predictor of actual game speed. By my eye test, and the NFL stats, his game speed is fine. First part is my opinion, certainly.
  12. As a transparency alert, I drafted Darrel in a 12-team keeper league as a bench stash/lotto ticket. A few things stood out to me: - His pass protection was flawless - obviously, a good way to stay on the field. Mahomes was comfortable looking his way for dump-offs in the short passing game as well. - He showed a good ability to create yards running in the interior when there wasn't much there. There were two occasions I recall anecdotally where he was able to move the pile or contort his body to turn a no gain into a 2-3 yard gain. - He doesn't look like the most lithe back ever, but his one-cut moves in space are really effective. I think concerns about his 40-time at the Combine are drastically overblown. He plays with efficient game speed by my eyes, and the NFL Next Gen stats tell a similar story.
  13. Regarding Darrel's 41 yard run, according to NFL's Next Gen stats, he reached 20.88 mph on that carry, the fifth fastest single-play speed posted on the day.
  14. I would caution putting too much stock into the Combine 40-time. As a point of reference, at his LSU pro day, Williams ran a 4.59 40-time. Let's not forget that Kareem Hunt's 40 time at the Combine was 4.62. Simply put, there are many players who we can adequately state that their game speed differs from their straight-line sprint speed without pads on under controlled conditions.
  15. 8 team league looking for 1 new player. $25 entry fee, $150 to the winner, $50 to the runner-up. 15 roster spots, .5 PPR scoring, snake draft with random lottery draw. QB RB RB WR WR TE RB/WR WR/TE K D We play seriously to have fun. If you're looking for a high stakes league, this probably isn't it. We're all into it, but don't treat it as life and death. Draft is tentatively scheduled for the evening of Friday, August 23, but we can be flexible in that regard. Respond to this listing with your email address. Thanks!