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  1. This guys is Big Bens new AB, he loves guys with elite seperation and route running.
  2. This man is the golden ticket, he fits the Cardinals so well with his lass catching and elusiveness.
  3. Does anyone have a picture or video of the injury? Wierd play, makes you think of CMC who got hurt on a innocent looking play.
  4. Statement game, we know who the alphas are in this offense. Pray he stays healthy what a talent.
  5. 12 targets for Johnson, wow the Diontae truthers are big winners
  6. Man if only that defense sucked. Everyones upside gets capped.
  7. He will put up Mark Andrews number as a WR, take it as you as will.
  8. I think we've seen when healthy Diontae has a large role in this offense stemming all the way starting last year. I agree with others that he was looking to taking steps to a WR2 with possible WR1 upside in the 1st two games. I think now we can temper to WR3 with WR2 upside with room to grow.
  9. I love this guys upside with Herbert slinging it. True boom/bust type, hopefully he can breakout like Fuller.
  10. Diontae coming back healthy. Excited to see him incorporated in this offense.
  11. I'm actually surprised with the amount of targets he's getting. We all though last half of last year was the demise of Kupp but he is still a huge part of this offense. Woods be damned.
  12. Patterson has been fazed out, this guy will be the most boring set and forget RB2 all year.
  13. I miss this guy in the worst possible way. Any teams who are still a float with his injury is pretty impressive.
  14. This guy worth taking a flier this week? Need a boom play.