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  1. Lamar/CMC/Cook/Jones/Pats D owner best record, most points scored by a long shot. Choke in semis by single digits. Cook let me down big time.
  2. Im more optimistic in Macks game with Hilton active, should help the offense. Also last game Mack had a 2 yd TD, could this mean they are actually using him in the end zone? I can see why they avoided it earlier in the year to preserve him but now that it is the end of the year, theyll up the workload. I hope..
  3. Good info hear, seems like if Hiltons which it looks like it will be, it limits Pascal even more.
  4. Playing from behind due to Thursday night so I need some boom type players I need to flex Two of Mack vs NO Brown vs Pit Kirk vs Cle Westbrook vs Oak
  5. Theres so many mouths to feed in this offense, really limits the recievers upside. Especially since they are always look to establish the run first. Add Ekler who gets a ton of targets, just not the best situation.
  6. We starting this guy week? NO lost some valuable guys on the D line this week but game script is the obvious worry
  7. This guy a sneaky add for high upside appeal in the playoffs
  8. This is like the exact CMC game script against Atlanta last game. Shame he couldn't pop in a TD.
  9. TB defense is nuts, completely obilterated Fournette last game and Rbs all year. As much as I want to play Mack, you just have to hope he gets a TD. The yardage might not be there.
  10. Concerning to say the least...he had A TD called back which couldve changed his day. He has a good match up next week too...
  11. Everyone sleeping on John "Smokey" Brown. This year's Robert Woods.
  12. I see one potential start in the playoffs with this guy (Mia), anyone else jumping ship since his schendule ideal?
  13. Take a look at the games with Damien out, we might have a player here.