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  1. Starting up a "sister league" to a league that I have been in for awhile now and took over as commissioner a few years ago. It is by far the best/most fun/active league I am involved in. League will be run over fantrax, constitution is kept on google documents: and commissioner keeps a contract/roster tracked on google documents that each owner will have the ability to access. I hope you give it a look. Should fill up pretty quickly. Dates for both the MiLB Draft and MLB Auction are TBD and will be decided once league is filled/paid an all owners can have input on dates. The MLB auction will be run over couchmanagers and is the absolute BEST slow draft auction I have ever been involved in. Its a pretty unique, full service league that tries to mimic as best as possible the actual MLB owner experience (that sounds really lame!!). Cost is $125 plus $4 and change per team for the fantrax site and $0.50 to $1.00 per owner for couchmangers site which are all paid to fantrax treasurer. Please email me @ NSKRBEC@HOTMAIL.COM and title it NEW FANTRAX LEAGUE if you are interested
  2. Still have the team that his anchored by Rizzo/Greinke/Upton/Teheran/Cruz. Easy playoff team this year. Actually pretty surprised this team is still here.
  3. UPDATED UPDATE! We have ONE team that we need to fill. The team is set for a playoff push this year so I'm assuming will not be too hard to fill. The open team is follows: Vacant 1: Greinke, L Lynn, Teheran, Rizzo, Solarte, J Turner, J Upton, A Toles & N Cruz and have the ability to re-sign S Gray, C Hamels, McCutchen & JD Martinez. Give me a shout @ if you are interested and want me to send you an invite to view the google sheets that we keep our contracts/rosters on. Hurry before its gone!
  4. UPDATE We have TWO teams that we need to fill. Both teams are pretty set for a playoff push this year so I'm assuming both will not be too hard to fill. The open teams are as follows: Vacant 1: Greinke, L Lynn, Teheran, Rizzo, Solarte, J Turner, J Upton, A Toles & N Cruz and have the ability to re-sign S Gray, C Hamels, McCutchen & JD Martinez. Vacant 2: JA Happ, T Ross, J Familia, W Myers, J Altuve, LeMahieu, Rendon, K Davis, L Cain and can sign Correa to 50% of FMV, R Ray @ 50% of FMV & A Nola @ 50% of FMV. Please get at me ASAP
  5. Running a fantrax league, H2H Dynasty, Salary Cap Structure League. This league is expanding from 16 to 20 teams (again - went for 20-16 last season due to old commish not being on top of things). The Four expansion teams have filled and I currently have 3 possible open teams for next season. 1 team is open for sure and the other two have until Dec 31st to let me know if they are returning or not. Here is a link to view the league constitution: The for sure open team has a playoff ready team set in place with the following players under contract for this season: Greinke, L Lynn, Teheran, Rizzo, Solarte, J Turner, J Upton, A Toles & N Cruz (for a 20 team league, this is stacked already) Due to the salary cap structure, each years auction is loaded with talent where I would estimate over 50% of the top players are in the auction. Our contract extensions are not due until the week before the slow draft auction run on couchmanagers however I can tell you that for certain, my team will only have 8 of the 25 roster spots filled (a few of them are pretty poor players at best - G Marquez, S Lugo & J Hammel). Just to give you guys an idea. If you are interested, I can add you to be able view the google sheet that we keep our contracts/rosters on (everything is run on fantrax, just easier to keep track of contracts all done by the commish on google docs) and you can take a look and see if you are interested or not. Email me at and title it FANTRAX League (as most of your emails will go into my junkmail, this way I will see them.
  6. Have had multiple people email me inquiring about the expansion teams. It hasn't been set in stone what we will be doing as far as a "carrot" for the 4 new teams but I'm thinking along the lines of having a "pre MiLB" draft of 3-5 rounds before the MiLB FA signing period for all teams to allow the new teams to get a core of MiLBers. Due to their being a 10 acquisition limit on MiLB pickups throughout the year, there are some solid/top MiLB guys out there right now. We are also thinking about adding a few compensation picks during the MiLB auction at midseason to the new teams as well. As for rosters, I'm thinking of allowing each team to sign 2017 FA's at FMV per our constitution. Please get at me if interested. This is the most fun league that I am in.
  7. Hello we have a long standing Fantrax Dynasty Salary Cap Structure League with some openings. I took over the reigns as league commissioner last season and we went from a 20 to a 16 team league most due to poor planning/management. The pieces have been picked up and things are now running smooth. I have received verification that for sure, one of the owners from last season will not be returning. We are also planning on adding 4 new teams to this list. I am in 5 fantasy baseball leagues and this one is by far the most fun of them all as well as the most realistic. If you are interested in taking over the vacated team OR in starting fro scratch and building your own team, please get a hold of me @ and title your email FANTRAX League as your email will go to my junkmail. For those interested, there are always many of studs in the draft as most teams end up having to draft at least 75% of their team each year. The league fee is $125 and we all chip in $5/10 for our offline auction that is run over the couchmanagers site. Here is the league constitution link. Hope to hear from some of you and again, it is a first come, first serve.
  8. KND, he started the draft. Had him cancel it and sending you an invite now. Sorry, wish I was the guy running it, would have been easier