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  1. I'm holding him in leagues where I'm cruising and dropping in leagues where I'm fighting for playoffs and every game I can get from a roster spot counts. In leagues where I'm middle of the pack, just taking a wait and see approach.
  2. Is y'alls setup the standard start 10, 3 bench, 82 games max per position?
  3. All this dude does is try to start fights nowadays... smh
  4. This guy is unrosterable except on Punt Wins teams
  5. Reaggravated his shoulder? Patience is wearing thin with this guy
  6. That's good to see that the Cavs still find a way to give building block and superior talent Henson his all-important minutes.
  7. Half the soft players on my team decided to sit out today, thus turning what should have been comfortable matchup wins into Ls
  8. Better him sitting than him being active just to be a decoy
  9. f---, these Monday night games always end up in disaster for my teams
  10. Yeah, I've encountered that too many times already as well. Wonder if there's a place on Yahoo where we can voice these issues. I feel like if you tweeted at Yahoo Fantasy Care, they would just brush it off with one of their typical canned statements: "Thanks for your feedback. We will take this into consideration in the future." (yeah, ok, whatever)