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  1. Mr. September is back with a vengeance
  2. Yeah this unwritten rule is ridiculous if it even if it is an unwritten rule. In other sports that have a game clock a comeback eventually becomes a statistical impossibility, at which point it is bad sportsmanship to run up the score. Not so in baseball. It’s not like anyone can just hit a home run on demand either the same way someone can do a showboat dunk in the midst of a blow out basketball game. Home runs are hard to hit!
  3. I don’t think near-consensus is possible, there is just too much evidence of young hitters experiencing growing pains after pitchers study them a bit that I don’t see how the more proven guys don’t get the edge. Doesn’t mean some people won’t say screw it I want to get my guy and take him # 1. I will say this, if you are currently competing to win it all this year, it would be very hard to justify trading Tatis for anyone, even Acuna, whether you are in a keeper league or not
  4. A guy with the upside to give you something in the spectrum of vintage Shin Soo Choo/Adam Eaton/Ben Zobrist production is a really good fantasy player regardless of position. Should be an easy top 10 fantasy 2B next year, especially in OBP leagues, if he locks down his job security (which won’t take much more at this rate).
  5. It looks like Dahl has lost favor as their leadoff hitter... Could be another path to ABs besides LHP matchups
  6. Rockies with 3 straight games against a lefty SP, he could get an extended look here to show what he can do...
  7. In weekly roster locks you gotta bench your Cardinals if you have backups, right??
  8. I think he deserves an extended look, numerous guys he is competing with for playing time are under-whelming
  9. I am curious how the Marlins players managed to stay Covid free up to this point if they had such low regard for social distancing etc
  10. The players’ billion dollar grievance claim over the season being “too short” isn’t looking so hot ....
  11. Trout is on paternity leave, call him up! Time to just see what you have
  12. I assumed MLB had a plan in place where it wouldn’t have such a paralyzing effect every time a positive test comes in. Obviously the Marlins are a unique case, and the Phillies are being extra cautious because the played the Marlins, but why is a positive test in St Louis any different than any other case where a player is shut down after a positive test but the team moves on??
  13. Maybe it wasn’t such a hot idea for Cody to tinker with his swing coming off an MVP season after all...
  14. Part of the idea behind an alternate ballpark is that Miami being a hot spot probably factors in to other teams refusing to travel and play there. It is hard to see the same reluctance from other teams to match up with the Marlins if suddenly they were playing a whole new squad in a whole new location. It is a bold idea but I don’t know what the real plan is to resume Marins games anytime soon. It seems better than waiting out however many weeks it takes to have a quorum of Marlins players and staff safely emerge from quarantine.