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  1. On the flip side of the coin it will be a massive boon for the sport if they make it happen and get on the airwaves, TV audiences are hungry for fresh content, could attract a lot more fans
  2. The current public response is 100% logical. Effective flattening the curve strategy requires extreme measure BEFORE the virus infects the many millions it is capable of very quickly spreading to. I am still hoping we get a partial baseball season in some form or another.
  3. Now that the enthusiasm of his September ‘19 performance has worn off I might be looking to try to grab him dirt cheap, knowing I’ll have to bench him to start the season and hope he forces his way into the lineup. I still like the skill set, positional versatility, and lack of premium talent standing in his way. Easy enough to cut him if it doesn’t work out
  4. If memory serves he was a 1st round draft pick and then had a really bad knee injury, possibly of the “will never be the same again” variety. So it seems like the talent is there but staying on the field for a whole season is a question mark
  5. Batting leadoff = maximum at bats Bring it on!
  6. No love for Luis Arraez? I’d take him over most of those Tier 5ers
  7. Nice list! I’d probably have Bryant and Meadows swap tiers, seems like Meadows still has things to prove like 2 of the other Tier 4 guys he’d be joining, K Marte and Jimenez
  8. I personally still ding him a little and would take Betts and Lindor ahead of him (in addition to the “big 3”) only because he came back down to earth in the 2nd half of 2019, including a hint of vulnerability vs lefties that earned him light platoon treatment in 2018, so the sample size isn’t quite where I want it to be just yet.
  9. Yes I would be floored, they gave up a top 50-75 prospect to land him, and Gallen has tons of trade value. Look at Gallen’s numbers in the PCL last year!
  10. I didn’t say he has nothing left to prove as we sit here now ... again, I was addressing earlier comments expressing a view that Joc presents a season ling barrier regardless of what Adell accomplishes in 2020, to which my counter point is if Adell forces his way into the lineup (a possibility that could occur early with a strong spring) they have plenty of other options for getting Joc’s bat in the lineup against righties... please try to pay attention
  11. Right, that is why I said Joc is a contingency plan in case Adell needs more seasoning... as contrasted with others’ point of view that Joc represents a season long barrier no matter how great Adell plays in ST and AAA (P.S. Adell had a PCL game where he went 2-2 with 2 HRs wiped off the stat books due to rain out that would have boosted those #s quite a bit given the small sample size)
  12. There are many, many paths to keeping Joc’s bat in the lineup that don’t involve keeping Adell in AAA when he has nothing left to prove there
  13. I see Joc as more of a contingency plan in case they genuinely feel like Adell needs to marinate in AAA a little longer - given Adell’s truncated 2019 - but in no way a barrier. Everyday job will still be there for Adell to claim on opening day or Super 2 at latest with a strong spring.
  14. Hmm that is a pretty bleak outlook and does indeed raise the question what they are saving their money for... But, the landscape can change shift pretty quickly with pitchers at least, Patrick Corbin didn’t really establish himself as a valuable 2019 FA until his 2018 season, for example..
  15. Well the Sox are ahead of the curve on a strategy like that since they got both salary relief and a nice young hitter who won’t start arbitration until 2020.... the overarching point remains that this was far from a dismantling even if they don’t spend on a free agent in this year specifically
  16. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. It isn’t like the Sox are in fire sale mode, this was more of a retooling, and they still have plenty of weapons to try to compete this year. If the price wasn’t right no doubt they keep Betts and focus on 2020 but Verdugo was a nice return, and shedding Price’s contract really made it a no brainer IMO. The Nationals lost Bryce Harper and got nothing and still won the World Series ya know
  17. Would think he will get a good number of 1st base starts too
  18. Wow did not realize Gallen was such a polarizing figure! I think you can take a 10+ K/9 to the bank with him given the arsenal and elite changeup. Double digit wins also seems plausible.
  19. They are very high on Nick Madrigal, and I am too so I was glad to see that after a lot of other lists put him in the 40-70 range. But then I listened to the podcast for their list, and at the 24:50 mark Jarrett Seidler conservatively forecasts Madrigal for a .480 SLG, which is wildly unrealistic, so now I am back to worrying that I think too highly of Madrigal because I don’t know what he is even thinking with that projection.
  20. I am in too. He has an elite hit tool that I will always bet on and then let everything else fall into place. Being an extra year removed from TJS seems like it should help him regain his early career form.
  21. I am floored by Cole’s contract size but I still get it. Those few stalwart aces who eat innings and K everyone year after year are a rare breed. There is always risk of injury or abrupt age related decline but if you are going to bet on someone to give you a run of multi year dominance at the top of the rotation kinda like Scherzer gave the Nats, Cole is the guy to bet on
  22. Wow so Yankees offer Cole 7/245, and Cole’s agent turns around and gets that EXACT amount for his other less valuable client? Did Boras make some kind of argument to the Nats that since it was just an opener for Cole it is a fair proxy for the closing price for Stras? I guess Cole wants to be the first $300 millions pitcher...