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  1. Yeah it is all league format dependent but I too have a shallow bench roster, more pressing needs than SP depth, and I like my chances of being able to troll the waiver wire for equivalent SP value down the road if the need arises. He was a lottery ticket to begin with.
  2. I need to see a little more. Wasn’t Brinson literally the worst offensive player in baseball last year? I think I read that somewhere
  3. I dropped him for a speculative saves add. It’s early so he could still be a good player, but there are generally decent mid-grade starters available on the waiver wire in my league throughout the season, and I just don’t seem him separating THAT far from the pack in the best case scenario. His strong ST gave me hope that most of his relief numbers from 2018 would carry over to the starter role and he’d become a keeper gem but that dream is dead.
  4. He crushes lefties and there are a good number of lefty SPs in the NL West so he really should be starting for those at minimum...Reyes’ superior spring training cut into his ABs so far but I think the playing field is leveled out now
  5. Crazier things have happened than Franco throwing together a 30/90 season. I doubt walks will ever be a big part of his game but even some modest improvement could go a long way toward soldifying the rest of the package...
  6. Actually Joc was respectable against lefties in the 2nd half last year and also in his 30/30 AAA season from 2014, and he’s never really been given much of a chance to play through it in the majors. I could see him getting a career high in ABs this year and finally getting those R and RBI totals to where you can regulary use him in weekly formats.
  7. I don’t know why the idea that the Rockies will find at least 400 ABs for Hampson via platoon and multi-position super utility work alone - with a chance for more if injury dictates it -is so controversial. He is an exciting young player who had an awesome spring. They’d send him to AAA rather than let him rot on the bench if it came down to it.
  8. I was more worried about Hampson getting sent down. Since he wasn’t, he should get a chance to showcase his ability and, if he delivers, make it very hard to keep him out of the lineup. If he becomes a Ben Zobrist type of multi position guy that only helps his fantasy value. He looks like their best fit for the leadoff spot
  9. Is there any risk Hampson starts the year in AAA? Not likely, but not impossible, right?
  10. Followed up a nice AFL with a nice spring and now headed to AAA. Anything to see here? Former 1st round pick ...
  11. Noone likes to feel like they’re being jerked around, Phillies would be reasonable to tell Bryce they’re moving on if it feels like he doesn’t want to play there and is just shopping their offers for as long as possible. They made some moves and should be a fun competitive team to watch this year, nothing wrong with saving the cash to take a run at Arenado next year or Trout the year after.
  12. Seems like a good guy to pair with Tyler Glasnow, even without improvements in their respective problem areas they’d still probably average each other out to 2 solid across every category SPs
  13. Phillies could always pivot and focus on Craig Kimbrel instead. Why not? A deep bullpen can go a long way toward covering up shortcomings in the rotation, and Gabe isn’t afraid to deploy arms in creative and unorthodox ways
  14. My concerns with Paddack having any near time impact are his workload (only 90 IP last year) and the level of competition to crack the starting rotation. Is there any consensus that amongst even the SD minor league pool he is next in line to get tabbed as a starter?
  15. So Melvin Upton’s wife wanted him to go back to being known as Bossman Junior? Who says romance is dead!
  16. I love how the Marlins took a hard line with the Braves and basically said “no Acuna, no Yelich” and then turned around and took Milwaukee’s offer. The Braves have one of the best farm systems in the league! Even without the benefit of hindsight now that we know Brinson isn’t living up to his former top prospect billing, how was it not worth weighing Pache, Riley and/or all those pitchers against what Milwaukee gave them? Stubborness?
  17. The Phillies do have a pretty darn good bullpen and might be able to get away with relying on Nola plus a bunch of workmanlike inning eater types via new-agey creative use of their bullpen. I think Velasquez could thrive as a reliever if they converted him.
  18. As I said in the sleeper thread his combination of high BA, high BB, and low K is truly rare and special. He is primed for a breakout so try to get a read on his health in spring training. I comped him to vintage Michael Brantley but without the steals.
  19. Seems like the Brewers might want to see what they have in Ray at the MLB level at some point this year given that they moved on from Broxton and Santana, no? The depth chart after Yelich-Cain-Braun doesn’t look like it poses much of a barrier, so I’m guessing Ray gets the call if a starter hits the DL. Not getting a lot of love on 2019 prospect lists despite prolific power/speed production in AA. Obviously he strikes out a lot and the BA is low but I think he is getting dinged on account of prospect fatigue too. Certainly in OBP leagues there is a lot of upside worth gambling on.
  20. There are a lot of “look at me” rankings and omissions here, so I guess I’ve been lured into listening to the podcast. I don’t even mind the ridiculously high Jo Adell ranking that much
  21. Are his severe struggles versus lefties going to limit his fantasy value, especially given how platoon happy the Dodgers are? I guess for truly special talents like Seager and Bellinger they let them play through their issues with lefties a good amount, but is Lux really going to justify similiar treatment?
  22. I don’t think there is any question Harper and Machado can get 10/300 and we already know Harper turned down just that, they are obviously swinging much higher than that. Even if a technical argument is made that Harper/Machado are asking for a fair return on their WAR, I don’t think anyone can really fault teams for drawing a line in the sand and feeling confident they could spend the same money in smaller increments over the same 10 year period on other less-sexy-but-effective free agents (kinda like the McCutch and Brantley deals) and get the same or better WAR return for their money but with a more diversified portfolio to mitigate risk.
  23. All the projections I’ve seen have Giles’ ERA in the 3s and I think he can be drafted as such. He had some stretches where he gave up a lot of hits in the years where he struggled, but his overall track record doesn’t suggest he is inherently hittable and there aren’t really any other red flags other than his tempermant. Given how volatile the closer position can be, the firmness of his hold on the job now that he got a change of scenery is worth something.
  24. Matt Strahm is another guy I am interested in. Unclear what role he’ll have but he should have value either way and draft day cost shouldn’t be higher than his floor as a middle reliever with good stats, and those guys are always useful anyway
  25. There seem to be a lot more young post-hype sleeper candidates out there this year than in prior years, for which varying degrees of cases could be made for a breakout, for those looking to score the next Profar. I’m not personally bullish on all these guys, but some exames include: Margot, Buxton, Sano, Kepler, Mazara, Arcia, Swanson, Kingery, McMahon, O’Neill, Pederson, Weaver, Glasnow, Castillo and Rodon. (Plus Winker and Renfroe who I already mentioned as guys I like). All of these guys should be fairly cheap; dirt cheap in many cases.