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  1. You know a guy is legit when people are disappointed with this kind of output
  2. Happy with TGs production so far. Hope it sustains all season
  3. is this output sustainable? I’m totally a rookie to fantasy.
  4. I’m kind of a rookie to fantasy football but was his output that disappointing ? Considering his up and down season I’m not that mad with his 15 points (in my league). If he produced this with an occasional outburst for the rest of the season I’ll be pretty happy.
  5. What’s over/under on his points this week?
  6. Bro I literally need 1 point... do you know how painful it is that gurley cant get 10 yards and Ridley can’t get 1 reception? I don’t need 2 points. I literally need 1 point from either of them and I win. ONE POINT!!!!!!!
  7. Imagine having Ridley and Gurley and only needing 2 points ....
  8. I literally need 2 points between gurley and Ridley to win my week. I have some odd feeling that this isnt guaranteed
  9. RB - whoever has more favorable match up Wr - kelley
  10. Thanks... I’d answer your thread but I literally know nothing about football. I was a fill in for the draft. Thanks for answering and sorry I can’t provide you any help. I’ll actually answer something random though so you get the bump.
  11. I had Conner last year and he pissed me off big time. Dude was missing games galore iirc.
  12. I’m very rookie to fantasy football and tbh don’t watch much football at all. im currently in first place @ 2-0 my best players are kamara, Hopkins and Ridley atm. Is it worth it to accept this trade or should I decline?
  13. The fact that he shot a lot should be exciting for all owners. Once he gets into rhythm his productivity should be pretty high.