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  1. The fact that he shot a lot should be exciting for all owners. Once he gets into rhythm his productivity should be pretty high.
  2. I’m cool with the slow start. Give him some time to get into rhythm
  3. Is Beal making a case for one of the best low key owns in all of fantasy this year? after a shaky start he’s been putting up quiet but kick a** #s. Strong %s, high scoring assists and boards. sticks leave a little to be desired but all in all after a little early struggles I’m super happy with the production
  4. Damn... I’m proud of this pick after the slow start... he’s been kicking a** recently
  5. Damn.. I was so close to grabbing kawhi over Beal in my draft.
  6. Now that we’re a few games in. what would dray need to average for you to not consider him a complete and total bust? honestly if he got me 12-10-4-1-1 a game I’d be happy. I kind of drafted him for these type of lines considering my build.
  7. Warms my heart reading this... I have both of them and Paul George. Wish me luck
  8. 10 teamer... no idea why he slipped so far. I guess people got caught up too much in the buzz of his injury.