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  1. Eloy and Bo easy for me... much younger and higher upsides
  2. Garcia's size scares me for his long term outlook.
  3. If you Had to trade deGrom straight up for one offensive pieces which players are you looking at? I don't have to trade him I'm just trying to get an idea of the value compared to everyday players
  4. Very tough call. It's a needs question for me and you already have Torres at SS do I'd lean Yordan
  5. I would listen to your gut. I like the Vlad/Robert Side better for long term.
  6. Even in a keep everybody forever league... no salary or draft picks tied to them?
  7. Team A: deGrom Team B: Giolito and Pearson
  8. Long term who's the better prospect... Kris Bubic or Seth Corry?
  9. My only concern here is long term for what you're looking to do. Torres is set to be the starting SS this year so does he end up keeping his 2B eligibility next year? If not that's only a one year fix for you and then you're back to having a surplus of SS and no 2B
  10. My team is pretty stacked considering it’s a 30 team league. I won the league last year. I know SB is seriously weak for me but other than that where do you see the need to improve? I was thinking of offering Benintendi around for a top young SP prospect. There’s a guy in the league who has Gore, Kopech, Luzardo & Patino. Could Benintendi get something done there? Could I include more? Or should I just stay put? 30 team H2H dynasty league. Keep everyone plus 8 prospects. R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP - K, ERA, WHIP, QS, SVH C- Grandal, 1B- Freeman, 2B- Torres, 3B- Guerrero, SS- Lux, OF- Benintendi, Jimenez, Gardner, UT- J. Turner, BN- Heyward, Thames, K.Hernandez, Sogard SP- deGrom, Nola, Woodruff, Lucchesi, Wojciechowski, RP- Barnes, Duffy, S. Anderson, Pena, Stephenson Minors Offense- Lewin Diaz, Tristen Lutz, Lolo Sanchez Pitching- Jon Duplantier, Kris Bubic, Cory Abbott, Seth Corry, Joey Cantillo
  11. Is there a clear winner here? Close? Not close? A - Freeman, deGrom, Bubic B - Olsen, Berrios, Manning 30 team dynasty league. Keep everyone plus 8 prospects. R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP - K, ERA, WHIP, QS, SVH