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  1. Now feel free to discuss, I see hm having a first round pedigree but I feel it would be a trap
  2. No, Tennessee has tannehill, they landed an absolute goldmine brady is as good as gone from the afc east the fins have officially been given back the keys to the porsche
  3. Here is a list of teams i predict he will sign with Detroit Pittsburgh Tampa Oakland LA edit: misspelled word
  4. To play in a Super Bowl is not a charity, Reid is going to start his best players
  5. Couldn't resist, best simpsons episode ever ive been a marlins fan since the expansion, mattingly got hosed, its jeters fault, wehad a World Series roster prior to his arrival
  6. I think mostert is gonna win people a lotta money
  7. Im up 202 to 191 Ppr against the next closest guy in my playoff challenge. I got mostert and he got damien and travis. Should try to split the pot? Its $20 buy in, 8 teams. I know, not much, but i like guaranteed money when i see it. ps: brees is a turd, i took him 3rd overall, over mahomes!
  8. Are you just taking his normal yardage and cutting it in half? Big mistake, he gets the majority of his yardage in the second half
  9. Therè is the NFC championship and potential Super Bowl run to go still
  10. Henry, if u run wild tomorrow, ur getting a gold jacket! But stop the presses....usually after an underdawg upsets, the crap the bed following week. Therefore, gimme KC! SF. Final answer
  11. Oh the irony of the timeline of the qbs this season Weeks 1-9, Lamar and Brady unstoppable weeks 10-14, all Radioheads...blah blah blah blah Lamar Jackson is the best Week 15 - 18, brees and Lamar, brees and Lamar, brees and lamar week 19, brees and tom retire? Kirk cousins finally earned his pay, minny has a chance, watch out! week 20, Lamar is a FRAUD, mahomes takes over!!!!