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  1. Theyre the last undefeated team so far, if the inevitable become a real possibility 72 fins fans...remember this covid ridden game, this was supposed to be a pivotal matchup, but the ravens had no stars in this game...now the rebuttle? 17-0 baby, the new norm is 19-0, 72 fins are on par with 19-0 see below, the steelers..would have a total asterik next to that record as an undefeated team in 72, they still had to go on the road in 1972 as the undefeated team in the afc championship that game that year at pittsburgh, with fans in the stands rooting against them go down steelers, im ready to pop this wine bottle edit made me log in 3 times
  2. Too soon??? Dude was out of the league and a guest host on americas next top model back in 2012, how long i have to wait to say his name?
  3. Hate to say, this is all fun n games, but one of our key playoff players is about to blow a knee
  4. Ot hating, just surprised to hear a 1st rounder 2021, but the miles sanders comparison sheds more light on that prediction
  5. Were thinking hes 1st rounder next year? Wow, hes performed, buts hes a foot ball team
  6. Awesome, i somehow survived thanksgiving with no face time
  7. Yea it bites to see those bench points, but its a stacked backfield i run, im still in the running for the win, but 36.6 ppr points would be nice, if only inhad a crystal ball i guess
  8. Lost ljax and thielen, benched gibson in favor of henry, robinson, and chubb
  9. Bingo, fantasy is played thru week 16, if its postponed to week 18, ur sol
  10. Dang, i benched gibson over henry robinson and chubb
  11. Too soon, we still may be the father week 12
  12. I havent waiting this impatiently for test result since i starred on maury