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  1. Landry is my guy and i take him every season(wait until 4/5 round ppr since on the browns), but as a fin, id take him all day in the 2nd round, again, ppr this surgery though, i will be following the timeline closely, Landry may be more of the icing on the cake for me this season vs a critical centerpiece. Kupp is my new reach in every draft nowadays
  2. Overvalued=those with limted nfl experience undervalued=the vets that have done it before Think coronavirus lockdown gonna be a lot of championships won with the average ages around 27-30
  3. Not sure, id say its thielens year to feast assuming he is training hard during this lock down (and kirk)
  4. Kupp, lamar, respecatble 3rd adp rb(ingram for example) then im looking with all this coronavirus hitting, im only targeting safety/veterans/and a good qb, and anyone who gets a buzz for adding 10 lb muscle during the lockdown im treating this season as similar to 2011 lockout, calvin johnson had news broke he gained 10lb muscle and beasted, all qbs threw for 5000 yards plus, history will repeat itself hell, i bet gore even gets 800 yards and a few tds/receptions as a free pick, based off hardwork and veteran status alone Watch out for the x box playing guys like kamara and leveon, i predict those types will be off their “game” ha
  5. After i get my 3 first studs, im looking, thielen is a boss
  6. Julio is a beast, hard to fade him, but he is first round “well all the elite shiny new toys are gone” calibre until he shows otherwise
  7. Im applying for reinstatement too, im also in a good place
  8. Mcnabb didnt even know the overtime rules, he ran out the clock that one time
  9. Dont hold out kamara, history shows how dumb it is and gms have caught on, if he holds out maybe he can spend that time playing call of war or whatever its called with melvin gordon
  10. Nope , commish corner tested positive, lets talk here
  11. Hey dudes and dudettes, i need some insight i am a league manager of a 14 team league, im starting to get feelers on what the expectations are if the nfl league is shut down midseason, or a player is **** down for weeks over covid havent really decided on if the leaguebis shut down, what to do with the dues, i think u just treat covid as an injury(Not trying to be mean but if x player is quarantineed for 3 weeks, gotta be on the bench or ir), if that makes sense my precedence is the nba season, seems like alot of managers were left to figure it out on their own when the season **** down just trying to be proactive edit: my thoughts, if i have the dues in my bank account, league shuts down week 3, payout the standings accordingly, sounds silly, you just done know could gonall year, i just dont want to end up in a situation where people freak out i anticipate a meeting pre draft to discuss the situation
  12. I got effed bad by saquon, watched him blow up in the playoffs from afar, im hoping a 5 pick And beyond this season so i can pick players who i want to root for vs who my adp says i should root for, my top 5 adp, cmc, saquon, zeke, kamara, cooper kupp
  13. Nice little mental break from the real world problems, but, this is a pipedream, no way they let so many people back in a stadium so fast, this is gonna look lime current wwe if they even play