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  1. so all of a sudden Reid decided to feature damien William's and how hes playing like how his ADP value was.😭💔
  2. so if he doesnt practice today it's safe to say he ain't playing neither?
  3. ekeler to put a stinker in one league. 11 pts from M.Gordon in another league. and ekeler and Mike Williams to put up a goose egg in the 3rd league
  4. everyone makes a good point in my experience the insights that everyone provides here does provide some kind of advantage sometimes it's all hype other times you struck gold and made that waiver add or trade ahead of everyone. no matter how much research you put in and go with matchups or weather conditions or predicting game scripts sometimes theres always that one or two players in your bench that happen to blow up and the one thing that annoys me the most from someone in your league who you know doesnt do as much research as you goes "dude you f**k up why didnt you start Diggs or C.Kirk they got 40pts you would of won" and your just looking at them like really did you really just ask me that?! 😒
  5. Leveon Bell at Washington or Singletary at Miami. Bell is pretty banged up but still playing. Miami def has proven to play better than the beginning of the season. Bell has the volume but the production isnt there with Jets horrible O-line Singletary had his breaking out game 2 weeks ago but pull a goose egg last week wasn't his fault the Bill's just weren't running the ball as much and still have the possibility of Gore or Allen to vulture TDs
  6. starting in 2 leagues due to injuries and bye weeks let's go Hunt!
  7. for some reason I cant bring myself to drop him just yet in a 12 team league that's thin in waiver upside. I'll hold for another week
  8. that's me right here! desperate at QB in a 12 team league where everybody hogs all the QBs
  9. starting him regardless in 2 leagues! going all in and taking the risk that's what fantasy football is about he either lays a goose egg or blows up
  10. somehow I feel like even if gurley is limited he will still get all the GL snaps 😪
  11. McCoy the back to own in this mahomeless offense
  12. I want to drop damien so bad but I'm afraid he will get picked up by somebody and then he all of a sudden starts to produce the karma!
  13. Adam's, Allison, Jimmy G and MVS all didnt practice today. it's time for the 🦎👑 to rise this weekend! fire him up boys
  14. watching the game really made me like this guy he was being very physical after every catch fighting for more yardage playing with heart and if Arod is happy with him then I'm happy! definitely picked him up in my leagues especially if your hurting at WR. who's to say he wont be the wr2 going forward even if D.Adams returns.
  15. Pringle is the add right since Watkins is out?