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  1. it seems unlikely that Steelers resign Juju with the emergence of Claypool and Dionte. I think if you dump him now you might not get as much value if he signs with another good team that is WR needy maybe Green Bay?
  2. kinda like when Tampa Bay signed Fournette and Rojo started to play better 🤔
  3. I mean if your hurting with bye weeks and don't have an IR spot to put him in this weekend then yes otherwise I would hold
  4. Downgraded to Out so plug him in IR spot looking at streaming options like D.Fells & T.Burton
  5. I traded for him last night for Cam Newton after the owner lost Dak not with the news he's telling everyone to veto the trade so it doesn't go through 🤣😅
  6. yeah cause why trade for bell when you can get him for cheaper lol and if washed up freeman can get signed then why not bell?
  7. would be funny if he signs back with the steelers on a cheaper contract
  8. so is the game still on for Tuesday im hesitant on leaving him in my line up in events that the game gets canceled
  9. I see Gronk sitting on one of waivers and I'm itching to jump on the wagon with OJ done its just Brate or Gronk especially with a limping Evans, and hurt Godwin I can't help to see upside
  10. I own mixon in 2 out of 3 leagues and I wouldn't sell unless I was really hurting at WR or got offered a good deal i can't refuse. this offense is only going to get better