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  1. seems like Payton has the lionshare of minutes + new coach. will try to trade or stick with him til the wheels fall off. thanks, everyone!
  2. If you're up in the standings, I'd still drop House to stash Bryant. Otherwise, stream House's spot!
  3. Goran Dragic or Elfrid Payton? Who is your bet?
  4. Thanks! Hold Jokic! He'll get better in time. Plus, Morant has a higher upside and better PO sched (assuming it starts at around Week 22).
  5. Thanks! Tough call, but I'd hold. Even though Jrue is your best player, you'll be giving up a lot of bigs. JJJ ain't proven so you'll have a big hole in the C/PF spots. Overall, it's pretty even!
  6. Thanks! Drop TT for Bagley. He has regressed to the mean, and I think it's time to trade or drop him at this point.
  7. Thanks! Drop Zeller for House. And yeah, try doing the suggestion above. Noel is a big IF at this point.
  8. Good point. Since it's a 10-team league, I am pretty sure there are better options than House!