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  1. Since he’s designated to return from IR they have until 4pm (not sure if today or tomorrow) to bring him off for this week. Otherwise they could still bring him back for next week. IR is only in 3 week chunks now anyways. But he’s already designated to return so not a concern either way. Also, bringing him off IR doesn’t necessarily mean he will be Active for tomorrow’s game.
  2. How is that poor attitude? Seems to be lifting up his teammates by saying their whole WR core eats and the roster is too deep. Am I missing something?
  3. 😂 why is it always our own personal start/sit decisions that determine our player’s performance?
  4. Why do I always feel the need to start a Thursday night player to have part of the action? It makes me keep trying to convince myself that Engram is going to break out tonight, and that I should start him over better Sunday options 😂
  5. This. They just hung 40 on the Chiefs. Obviously TB defense looks better than KC but the game should still be competitive. Last week seemed like a bit of a fluke with Rodgers forcing shots to Adams and turnovers creating huge momentum swings. Not overly confident starting Godwin but absolutely not benching him.
  6. Because their defense and running game are garbage and we are seeing Allen Have to adjust to some real teams instead of the garbage slate he had games 1-4. He should get back on track against NYJ next week and hopefully keep the momentum against better teams ROS.
  7. Agree with above poster. If your Drake offer is accepted I would do it. But probably wouldn’t give up Mostert in the same trade unless they give back someone a little better than Hollywood.
  8. Metcalf 100%. Why do you have to choose?
  9. I’d go Higgins. Hilton has been terrible, and Landry is banged up and could see reduced reps if injury flares up while Steelers D is out there hurting Browns players for revenge 🤣
  10. I’d leave Perine benched until he actually does something. Johnson seems to have established a floor but I like the Mostert/Gibson/Drake stack for upside based on their roles and their matchups. Jonnu 100% must start until further notice
  11. Definitely Gibson. And would leave Woods in flex.
  12. Henderson until we see some actual volume from Akers.
  13. Bump for opinions. Still struggling hard with this one haha. WHiR!!