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  1. These rankings are making me feel pretty good about my keeper league. Can keep CMC for a 1st, Chubb for a 2nd, or Lamar for a 4th (max keeper round)
  2. 1/10 in 10-year buddy league with some sharps - best available strategy. Got CMC at 1.03, Chubb at 2.08, Diggs in the 4th, and Lamar late. Played the wire all year for WRs but was an easy ride to the ship. 7/10 in work league - went Adams/Julio at the 10/11 turn and RBs weren’t good enough to carry me given poor WR performance all year.
  3. Deebo has established a pretty solid floor with 100 yds and a TD in 5 straight games. Slayton has more upside though. I’m going with Samuel over Slayton in my own lineup today because I’m projected to win comfortably. But if you need the boom I’d say Slayton.
  4. yeah I feel like I’m going with him for his floor but have Slayton on my bench waiting to boom...😬
  5. Someone make me feel better about starting Sanders today...
  6. My concern with Sanders is really Boston Scott’s emergence and fear of a timeshare. That’s the only reason I’m leaning away from him to guys like Samuel or Kirk.
  7. On that Higbee train right now. Not a big fan of trusting most Chargers especially against a tough defense during fantasy playoffs.
  8. 0.5 PPR D. Samuel v Atlanta D. Slayton v Miami C. Kirk v Cleveland M. Sanders v Washington Slayton & Sanders playing the softest defenses, Samuel and Kirk with decent floors. What do you guys think! WHIR
  9. Goodnight sweet princes of Minnesota
  10. Wtf Diggs. I know it’s not a fantastic matchup or anything but good lord. Give me something
  11. hard to say. Maybe he would have posted 140+ yards like he also did the last 2 weeks when Thielen was in the game.