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  1. I was liking the dbl-dbl until I saw the shot attempts! Looks like he is back to his Brandon Jenning ways again....
  2. If only if FT weren't so poopy, I'd be super happy. But hey, it is what it is.
  3. Unless your league is shallow, 99% of us don't want to risk throwing away silver for gold that may end up being turd coated in golden paint.
  4. Like I said before, Ingles is a very safe conservative player. If shots aren't falling, he won't brick it. He's not doing so hot right now, but he does do other things.
  5. I won't lie that I was very skeptical about his development (I even jokingly called him Brandon Jenning 2.0), but it is encouraging to see that he has been taking better shots (been taking single digit shots when he is below 40% for the past month) and understands his struggles at face value. Still unsexy FG%, but I would take low 40% over 39% any day. Also, my line up is a bit PG heavy, so I don't need great TO numbers.
  6. Even though I always supported Myles Turner, I see him more as a top 40-50 for ROS right now because of his past history of letting us down. Also, any basketball player can have a streaky month. However, there is hope because Myles Turner is making the most of his opportunity and faith the franchise and team has in him.
  7. That's the Myles Turner I drafted! It pays to be patient!
  8. Man, this sucks because I wanted to trade him away, as I wanted more points and less assists, he has lingering injuries...
  9. Pick him up for points, treys, and assists they say. Well, where are they because I'm not seeing any-nay?
  10. No, if anything, Korver might help because the Utah offense needs a boost right now. Also, Joe Ingles has good yet conservative shot selection, which is why his numbers and shots attempted are low at times.
  11. In Ingles's defense, the Jazz offense is pretty underwhelming this season, so you won't be seeing a lot of amazing statlines with him. Also, he tends to be more of a conservative player than someone like THJ, who is more inefficient but scores a lot more points.
  12. https://www.nba.com/pacers/news/turner-hoping-regain-niche-offense-181108 Just a food for thought. So far, he's been killing me badly with his scoring. You can hate on this guy all you want, but I'll stick with him especially when the coach and franchise still have faith in him.
  13. For those worried about rebounds, you know that there are a good amount of players that are rich with good rebound numbers on waivers? Also, I don't know why people are surprised by his numbers. He was never a dominant center. If anything, the only thing people should be disappointed in is his points. He's a capable scorer with a good jump shot especially during his rookie season.
  14. I'm not sure why people are worried about Sabonis and O'Quinn. Sabonis may be solid, but he works better with the second unit especially with the great pick and roll chemistry between him and Tyreke (no team would even dare start him in the first unit). If anything, Sabonis at worst will limit Turner's ceiling, which will make Turner at worst a upper-middle round pick (around 5th-6th round). As for O'Quinn, well, he was more of a role player with above average stats by playing for the depleted Knicks. However, he'll have stiff competition with Sabonis. Also, Turner has much more to offer as a player especially with his shooting ability and range, and Turner does have some defensive skills. When you pick up Myles Turner, you should know what you are getting. I got him at the fourth round for the blocks, relatively safe efficiency (except for foul trouble ofc), and capable scoring. Also, Myles Turner never struck me as a dominant rebounder (he reminded me of Serge Ibaka without the coaches and managers who force him to do everything at once) especially when people took notice of him for his shooting and blocking during his rookie season. If people are worried about rebounding, that's actually a category that is relatively easy to fill up as there are a lot of players below his ADP who are great rebounders. Plus, Myles Turner is a more of a finesse type of center, so you can definitely get creative with him in your line-ups while most of centers are relatively one dimensional like DeAndre Jordan or Dwight Howard. Also, waivers can sometimes have a good amount of rebound specialists, as big men tend to get injured more easily than their smaller counterparts. Also, finally, with his Turner's skill set and his role as the second option for the rising Pacers, Turner has the ideal environment to make a comeback for this season. I cannot say if Turner has the champion's mentality like Oladipo; however, he shows the right attitude that will make him a future star (I mean if you want huge disappointment, then we can talk about Andrew Wiggins all day!). Yeah, he was disappointing last season, but I think there's a very strong chance that he will at least be worth his ADP.