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  1. That did not look good at all. Looks like they didn’t dry the court properly and now he’s pulled his groin
  2. Hey guys, Just been offered Wendell Carter for my Griffen in a 12 team 9 cat head to head league. This is an easy accept right?
  3. Hey guys, Just been offered the following trade in a 9 cat head to head league: My Tobias/Hield for his Middleton/Bojan Thoughts?
  4. As a jokic owner, I wouldn’t even think about trading him for any of the names mentioned above.
  5. Can’t even close games at the moment he’s that bad
  6. Why is everyone talking as if okc are in tank mode? They are currently sitting 7th in the west and cp3 is a big part of the reason why.
  7. Hey guys, Just been offered Tobias Harris for my Randle in a 12 team, 9 cat head to head league. Thoughts?
  8. Far too much for George. The gap between Donovan and George isn’t that big
  9. Quick and easy post.. Who would you rather going forward?
  10. Who in their right mind would take this trade for kawhi lol
  11. Millsap was dropped in my 12 team league and no one has claimed him. I wouldn’t burn a waiver for him in a 10 team
  12. Hey guys, Been offered My embiid and Donovan for jokic and jrue? 12 team, 9 cat, head to head Pull the trigger?
  13. Hey guys, I’m in a 12 team, 9 cat, head to head league and have been offered the following trade: My Embiid and Donovan for his Jokic and Westbrook. Thoughts?
  14. Cannot believe the types of trades I am knocking back right now..