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  1. Yeah Thomas is a no go. Cooper/Kupp/Edelman would be nice gets though
  2. I’d definitely add a player like Drake or Gordon as depth. Maybe try swinging a 2 for 1 to improve your wr1. Something like Juju and singletary for a more consistent wr1. Good luck!
  3. What’s the rest of your team look like? Watson isn’t a huge upgrade points wise over someone like Stafford who basically has to throw 80% of the time with no running game. And Hopkins isn’t an upgrade over Adams or Lockett.. and in the fact that they want Coleman or Singletary and I would just pass on that offer personally. But again maybe depends on the rest of your roster? Good luck bro and check mine out
  4. I’d keep Cooks just as name value as a throw in for a trade. Not sure I trust Reynolds. Especially over any of those other guys you can just claim by dropping the jets d on Tuesday. Whatever you do, don’t drop the saints d. That would be a mistake. Good luck and check mine out
  5. I’d definitely try shooting for one of the more consistent wr1s. Edelman, Hill, Hopkins, Kupp, Cooper, Golladay, Lockett. Someone like that. Also look for one of those wrs that’s on a wr needy team. Could entice them to have 2 quality starters instead of 1 really good one. Good luck bro. Check mine out
  6. Ok so he’s offered me variations of the deal. His Hunter Henry and Sutton for my Edelman and Watkins. Or still the Hooper and Juju or Chark for the same two players. I’ve been trying to swap out Watkins for Fuller but I don’t think he wants that
  7. 3 WR 2 RB 1 Flex. Ebron has literally been playing around only 30% of the offensive snaps. Even with Hilton out this last game. Doyle is decent but it’s still a timeshare at TE for the Colts.
  8. Adams for sure. Godwin is excellent but after 9 weeks, it’s officially safe to say he’s definitely the 1b to Evans. Plus you don’t know who’s gonna be throwing to Godwin next year since it’s a keeper league. Adams will always have Rodgers throwing to him as the clear cut #1 wr. I think it’s a no brainer bro. Good luck! Check out mine
  9. Diggs over Beckham for sure. I’d somehow try to see if he’d part with Jacobs too. Maybe something like Brees/Mack/Murray/Chark for Odell/Jacobs? Maybe he bites and then you get to trout out Barkley/Cook/Jacobs every week 😍 good luck bro. Check out mine
  10. Easy choice man. Forget name value. The Browns are the only team in the league that has yet to THROW 2 tds in a single game. Now I love Odell but Baker has taken a massive step back and they would rather throw to Landry for some reason than Odell. With Thielen reaggravating his injury, despite the bad game from Diggs his outlook is looking up! Good luck bro and check out mine!
  11. I’d go with Kupp. Rams still have something to play for. Possibility of Julio getting shut down with nothing to play for, while not likely does still exist. Plus Goff loves Kupp, especially in the RZ. Good luck
  12. 12 tm .5ppr (6-3 after this week, which would put me 3rd in standings) Was offered Hooper and either Juju or Chark for my Edelman and Watkins. Team offering is in 1st place and also has Hunter Henry as his other TE. Should I take it? Just worried about losing Edelman and his consistency while helping a playoff opponent. I’ll post both teams just for more insight on the scenario and if you think maybe I should counter with some other proposal, let me know. Thanks in advance and again, WHIR!!! my team QB: Winston RB: McCaffrey/Montgomery/J.Williams/L.Murray/Walton WR: Evans/Edelman/M.Williams/AJ Green/Watkins/W.Fuller TE: Ebron(hot garbage!) other TEs available in waivers = Doyle/Goedert/Cook/Witten/Hollister/Howard/Gesicki/Fant K: Slye DEF: Saints/Cowboys His team QB: Ryan/Minshew RB: Carson/D.Henry/Ekeler/M.Sanders/Guice WR: M.Thomas/Juju/Sutton/Chark/D.Thomas TE: Hooper/H.Henry K: Bailey DEF: Denver
  13. I’d add Walton as well.. possibly Mostert if Brieda is ruled out. Stills seems most droppable. Might as well start Watkins if you’re starting Stills. Watkins even with Matt Moore at QB seems to have a better floor than Stills. Good luck bro!