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  1. Feel like the stars are aligned for AJ to get traded before the deadline to a contender... whether he suits up for cincy or plays with Brady... definite hold for me. Traded for em for the upside.
  2. He shoulda had 3 td’s if Trubisky was more accurate... one was overthrown in the end zone... the other Miller beat his man deep and Trubisky missed em again. This dude clearly gets separation and Trubisky has been quoted that he needs to connect with him more this past week. I just don’t think AROB is gonna put it together this year.
  3. Anthony Miller... played a lot better than the stats showed last week.
  4. Miller is gonna emerge as the #1 in this offense... most versatile wr on the roster. He shoulda had two td’s against the pats if Trubisky woulda been accurate.
  5. Crazy these days how impatient we are with players... especially rookies. Let’s give this dude a couple more games before we say he can’t catch etc...Mayfield hasn’t exactly looked sharp yet either. Callaway was a low risk add... with a high payoff if him and Baker can connect. It won’t take much for Callaway to make your week with his depth of target if that connection comes to fruition. Melvin Gordon looked like s--- his rookie year and now he’s top 5... and his draft stock was way higher. This week might be a nice one... a homecoming breakout in Florida? Guess we’ll see.
  6. Exactly my thoughts as well... dude has been banged up and therefore hardly involved... However, even with the lack of targets he’s been very efficient with two tds if I’m not mistaking. I’m still not sold on Allen Robinson as a bonified #1... so picked em up off waivers and excited to see what he can do this week.
  7. If Allen Robinson is out... anyone taking a shot on this guy?
  8. Think I’m looking at this Baltimore game a bit more optimist than most for Tre’Quan. Not so much the saints outlook necessarily, but just the situation for Tre’Quan. I Think the bye week fell at a nice time... get the record celebration behind them...Ginn probably out... Carr will probably favor coverage to Michael Thomas and I don’t think the saints will have much luck trying to run Ingram. If I had to guess, kamara will be heavily targeted in the screen game to avoid the pass rush and maybe Tre’Quan is able to make some plays outta the slot or outside depending on where they line him up. Just got a hunch he sees some nice targets in this one.
  9. Starting Ito this week... something weird going on in Atlanta with Freeman and these nagging injuries ....and I feel like Coleman never takes full advantage when he’s declared the starter. Not to mention Coleman won’t be on the Falcons next year in my opinion so finding out what Smith is capable of seems like a smart idea. It’s possible Smith could be the most complete/versatile back on that roster... and if Atlanta fails to make the playoffs I can possibly see them giving him starts later in the year. An absolute must stash for me.
  10. Adams will play... my question is (maybe ridiculous) ....but any chance you like MVS more than Adams this week? Says Adams pulled his calf in practice this week...