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  1. Would you do this trade in a 9 cat - 10 team - H2H league Booker + Ingram for my Beal + (Bertans?) PG: Morant, Rubio SG: Beal, Rozier SF: Hayward, PF: Collins, Porzingis, Vuc, Favors, Bertans C : Gobert, Capela, Aldridge IR: Bagley
  2. Well the Booker and Ingram owner wants a lot now after Bookers performance last night also. What would be a good deal to make to make it happen or just forget it? Thanks a lot for your help. Some really nice advice!
  3. Is he worth trading for or do you guys think Jrueยด's return and Zion is going to affect his stats in the negative way?
  4. Okay the 49 point game by Ingram slowed down the trade. We are talking about Rozier + Vuc + Hayward for Booker + Ingram now. Would you do it? Porzingis will be back (hopefully) and then I would still have a free roster spot to pick up a hot WW through the trade deadline?
  5. So you wouldn't do it for Lowry or Murray if it comes down to that?
  6. Would you still do if for Murray or Lowry instead of Booker?
  7. And would you give up one more to close the deal for booker + Ingram ? I need to make room for zingis coming back anyways ๐Ÿ™ˆ
  8. But you would do it with either one of them?