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  1. As an Oubre Owner, I wouldnt even remotely consider this. Have to add though, I dont like doing 1 for 2 trades in general and also dont know the exact values in 8cath leagues.
  2. Im out, cant handle these type of games anymore.
  3. Teague has been horrible all season long and it won't improve in Atlanta. Garland has upside and is already playing better at the moment, regardless of a few duds here and there. Easy choice imo, get Garland.
  4. Normally I'd say go for it, but you are already first. Why change a winning team?
  5. I def prefer the Hardens side, but wouldnt call it league breaking, just pretty lobsided.
  6. Nah man, keep Bertans. RJs game isn't too fantasy friendly. Bertans has been golden. Strong hold imo.
  7. I don't play point leagues but this seems like a ridiculous trade, you shouldn't even be asking this. I think in quite a few leagues this would get vetoed. Anyway, I'd take Booker but Mitchell is also a strong option.
  8. Serious question, but don't want to derail the topic too much. But why wouldn't PJ Washington be available? He is only ranked 144th on bbal monster past 2months (9cath) and even 175th past 2 weeks. I'd like him in dynasty, but he is also available in my 10 teamer (9cath roto) and I don't really feel inclined to pick him up. I much rather take a gamble on the potential upside of count Doum.
  9. You think he's even coming back this season at all? I have the feeling he sits out ros. Really hoping he won't, I need him.
  10. I have to agree. I think Ill have to drop him, cant hold him much longer. Been trying to trade him for whatever, but no one is interested in him. I would just hate it if after I drop him, he blows up again..
  11. I dont know your league settings. I play 9cath roto and for me Oubre and Covington are the 2 best players in this deal, by a pretty big margin. So if you are giving up Harrell and Levert, then my advise is to stop wasting time to check the responses here and accept immediately lol. Ofc Points and H2H leagues are different, so cant comment on this.
  12. As an Embiid owner I would not even remotely consider this.
  13. Dude, i feel you he has been playing pretty awful. But no way you should drop him lol
  14. I'll hold him for now. Unless there is a very hot FA on the wire, we might as well give Prince some more time to adjust to playing with Kyrie.