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  1. Zeke and McCarthy hurt my feelings...
  2. A dude in my league needed the drake td run, he won by 4 lol
  3. Wtf is this? Why is there such a hard on to give Gallup these td fades lol
  4. I hate how buck was going to say something about tonyan's medical tent update, but then stopped mid sentence and didn't bother going back to it Edit: thankfully he's back now
  5. Omfg minshew... K Robinson isn't going to get me any more pts at this rate. Fellow owners, what we drinking today? Tide or bleach?
  6. I have so many players from this game and staring down 0s across the board lol. Fml
  7. Starting this guy and hoping for a homerun. He always puts up good numbers whenever Sammy is inactive
  8. Lmao I still crack up over it to this day. If getting spiked in the nuts and embarrassed isn't bad enough, he gets punked by a dude and then gets sat on by another