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  1. Probably doesn't have him and needed the game extended into OT for other guys. I own Hopkins and Fairbairn and was living on the edge of every Jameis throw hoping it'd be tied up. Edit: nvm lol
  2. Welp I'm done. In order to feel better I have to pretend Hopkins got my kickers score and vice versa.
  3. Man I'm done. Only going to get like a pt and some change from Hopkins.
  4. I'm likely forced to start him for all the marbles since I have Matty Ice. Somebody hold me...
  5. I'm praying they bench Ryan before I'm in negative pts
  6. Matty Lice that stupid f---er. Every time he goes over 10 pts he's like nope, gotta give my owners single digit pts.
  7. My opponents Taylor Gabriel is really gonna blowout and lap my Hopkins score several times I can feel it...
  8. Rivers chucking up these prayer bombs is just the saddest thing.
  9. Dude looked like a slug out there last week.
  10. At first my dyslexic a** read that as you were acquiring Haskins...
  11. Why are they constantly running laterally with Zeke in this situation...