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  1. H2H Points- Given Bagleys high ceiling once he is off minute restrictions and the return of Nurcic. Should I accept?
  2. Sorry I just like to double check, since Bagley is on minute restructions and conley is out for the jazz.
  3. Should I trade my Kendrick Nunn + Marvin Baggley for Devin Booker or Donovan Mitchell? if so, which would should I take H2H POINTS
  4. Hello, i am am in a half PPR league and am baffled for who should get the start this weekend. Josh Allen is playing the redskins J. Winston is playing the Seahawks
  5. If I accept, I would have to drop a player off my current roster. Who should it be?
  6. I have been offered the following trades for my J. Edelman. Should any of these be accepted or should I stay putt. Golden Tate has a very favorable schedule come playoff time and I am currently weak in the RB spot. 1. Give up J. Edelman Receive Lev Bell & Golden Tate QB J. Winston Sam Darnold WR Julio Jones Edelman Godwin Courtland Sutton Curtis Samuel RB Melvin Gordon David Johnson Miles sanders Darius Guice TE Hunter Henry Chris Herndon (NYJ)
  7. I have been offered Lev Bell + Golden Tate for Edelman, should I take it?
  8. Thank you! What if Tate was offered instead of mclaurin. This is Half PPR