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  1. Sorry re previous reply - I believe it is Yahoo, so can't take the team. Thought at first it was ESPN.
  2. Send league details if you can. I'm interested in 2nd team. Thx!
  3. Oh sorry, Max 12 game started - count me out
  4. I would take the Yankees if available.
  5. Do you draft from scratch, or does one take over already existing team? If it's a re-draft, would be interested. Send details.
  6. Might be interested, sort of depends when draft is. Send invite:
  7. ESPN league - might be interested if it is. e-mail league details:
  8. Maybe not still available, but if so, I'm interested.
  9. Keeper league? Send details to:
  10. I would take the Jets if available. Send details if available.
  11. Might be interested. Send invite and I'll take a look.