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  1. For some time LSU has been producing rec’rs that have made the transition. They run the west-coast offense, which is the system that’s on deck for Jacksonville. Those factors along with Chark entering what is often the breakout year, guarantee nothing. I’ve read that he wasn’t asked to run a full route tree at LSU and that he faced a lot of off-coverage, out of respect for his ability to separate & push downfield. The concern that he “may be limited to linear and rounded routes on the 2nd & 3rd levels” has everything to do with his height & weight. If DBs can jam him to disrupt the timing or re-route him, then contested quick-hitters are apt to be a problem. There were several articles yesterday, below is one. Here, Gruden suggests he can move Chark around the formation & find ways to utilize his size, speed & his ability to gain separation. Lots of things can go wrong, no doubt. For dynasty owners, if you don’t like... turn your head, don’t even look! The early part of the season could be that coming-together phase, injury aside, Chark won’t be overtaken by the younger WRs they just drafted. I’d see it through & then decide.
  2. While there’s ample evidence to support your “story” ... I consider it unreliable. On what basis I’m unable to establish at this time....
  3. Even if Allen’s placement is the worst ever, here’s how you solve that: Please Buffalo, get your young QB a contested specialist!
  4. Through the first 5 weeks of last season Chark was consistently cracking the shell of every secondary they faced. Then they played the Saints: Something more recent: Appears the issue has been identified with an attempt to resolve. The twitched-up suddenness & change of direction for a WR with Chark’s length is real! Legit questions pertaining to his ball skills when he came out. But on his tape are some impressive hand/eye catches In contested situations. Still lean, wish he had gotten bigger & do they get it figured out? Could be wrong, but I think his situation is going to be better & so is he.
  5. The next An... who? Oh, you mean Gronkowski! I just typed Gronk & it auto corrected his name, unreal! Now, misspell your guy’s name & see what happens. Yeah, you end up with fuq’n Android or some $h!+. Yo, buhgeddabowdit.
  6. Very kind, thank you. I did look into standard scoring for DEF & New England certainly provided owners with considerable upside (236 pts). However, Pittsburgh & KC were the only two other teams that scored beyond the 160 pt benchmark. I went on too long there & do apologize. Three things: on average I question whether even hitting on a top DEF provides significant upside (obviously, the Patriots an exception). Then as others point out, to reach for the perceived top unit when you don’t have to. Your argument would be much better received if you advocated doing this in the 12th RD. Finally, streaming a DEF isn’t a crapshoot, those who manage it effectively often employ a counter-strategy. Target the lame duck coach, the team that’s tanking, the way before he’s ready rookie QB or the epitome of complete utter ineptitude!
  7. I meant to include that I drafted from the same slot you did (6th). As for D.J. Moore, I reran the simulator twice now & he’s not there in the 4th. I can agree there are other choices, but to me he’s the best one. Chark I like, he went early 5th in one of my redos & then at the back of the 5th in the other. At rotoballer they have Moore ranked 37th overall & Chark just 10 selections later. Lean, a sub-200lb player, cradle catches well placed throws. But did not put the ball on the ground, didn’t drop anything & made some impressive catches. For a 2nd yr player, he put up excellent numbers through their first 10 gms. New OC Jay Gruden runs a west-coast offense but likes to run combination routes downfield. I read that Gardner Minshew was one of the better deep throwers & Chark had strong hands, excellent length & speed. A lot of moving parts for sure, but if they get things ironed out, I think his target rate continues an upward trajectory. Mostert in the 6th Rd, when I had NO RBs felt like a must. If there was another RB that others prefer, it wasn’t anyone I had to reach for. The next RB taken was Kareem Hunt. It’s just me but Hunt, Ke’ Vaughn & Sony Michel are among the most overrated options. Had Lazard been there in the 8th I would’ve taken him & looked for Jones in the 9th. Now, to sacrifice any combination of Moss, Mattison or Harris for a DEF & K obliterates any chance that roster has. The only thing between all three & RB1 status is opportunity. What happened with Harris, accordingly, it’s a complicated system & him being a healthy scratch is what they also did with Shane Vereen & James White. If, when you draft, he’s on the active roster, perhaps even reportedly has the playbook mastered, I wouldn’t be drafting Michel... My experience with DEF has been just the opposite of what you suggest. I haven’t played in leagues with standard scoring for DEF/ST for several years now & here’s why: every time that NextGen light turned green, meaning, my DEF was on the field, I hated it. We discussed standard scoring a few years ago. That hokey shutout bonus, where every DEF is awarded 10 pts before the game even starts, multiplied by 16 gms equals 160 points. It was after the 2017, after all that, only one DEF had scored more than the 160 points they were all awarded. It was Kansas City & even there, they only scored 166 points. So for every single other DEF, it wasn’t about how many points they scored but which of them lost the fewest. And of course, all the popular choices scored anywhere from less than 160 to about 145 points. That is not fun, what’s way more exciting is scrapping the shutout bonus & adding in it’s place, the return game. DEF/ST units score a lot more & there’s no more losing points. I’ve been playing for 5 years & the thing I’ve learned about settings is that 2 QBs in the starting lineup, adding TE to the flex position, having 14 or more teams & standard scoring for DEF, all wreck your wire! It’s always great to be lucky, but the next best thing is gold on the wire!
  8. Like others, I didn’t like it much, especially the part about drafting DEF way sooner than you have to. What got me thinking was when you said get #1’s at every other position. So I tried it at, this is .5ppr, 12-team. I don’t really like this team, but if I can get a ‘back or two to break, I love it! 1.) Devante Adams (wr) 2.) Travis Kelce (te) 3.) D.J. Moore (wr) 4.) D.J. Chalk (wr) 5.) Russell Wilson (qb) 6.) Raheem Mostert (rb) 7.) Cam Akers (rb) 8.) Ronald Jones II (rb) 9.) J.K. Dobbins (rb) 10.) Zack Moss (rb) 11.) Alexander Mattison (rb) 12.) Damien Harris (rb) 13.) Austin Hooper (te) 14.) Lam Perine (rb) 15.) Dwayne Haskins (qb) My leagues draft in early July so I drafted as I otherwise would. Rounds 10-12 are I would do anyway, but I feel like I need some luck & early.
  9. It’s not like that, nor was it was never meant to. One set of ideals innocently & credibly competing against some other. That your “liberty” Is assured by taking 5 minutes of your time every 2 or 4 years to go pull a lever, click a button or check a box to chose between one vetted “representative” or another. Oh my, they can’t keep a secret from you, nothing’s going on in the back. The nature of power all throughout human history, we, we ripped the veil back, we did something about that,.... I missed that part, can someone help me out?
  10. Tom Brady wasn’t like Peyton Manning, not in that respect. Tampa’s offense won’t change, Brady will be the one learning the terminology. But there is no way they’re going to subject him to the punishment they did Winston. Even to a lesser extent would still be insane!
  11. If memory serves, someone posted that Tampa ran the ball 400 times last year (which I view as a conservative figure for 2020), even if Jones were to take 250 of those, who is this other secret player we don’t seem to know about? Oh, there, there isn’t one? They um, drafted a guy? What part of that basic equation is so impossible to understand?
  12. I wasn’t aware of that & in part may explain Jones’ favorable adp. He’s a player that needed to get bigger & stronger & did. His latest note suggests he’s maintaining the same regiment & has added more. This is get the body ready for the workload 101 stuff. Could be wrong but if he avoids serious injury, I think 250 touches is a reasonable expectation. Yeah, Brady could throw 600 passes, but the Bucs have to run the football. He won’t turn the ball over like Winston did, but he doesn’t have the ability to extend plays either. Nor is it a good idea to subject him to that kind of punishment. A big factor padding that high figure is that Brady isn’t a quick-strike passer, he’s more about sustained drives & throwing short. Last year New England run about 100 more plays than did the Chiefs. I think they aim for better balance, more of a 55/45 run-pass split & as others have already said, a healthy portion of that 55 is going to the RBs.
  13. Vandy asked Vaughn to pass-protect & from what I saw he did well. But just as with his receiving skills & ability in space, set up for success. The most recent piece on Jones I view as very positive: “Jones is up to 225 pounds and has been working diligently with trainer Luke Neal on his pass catching this offseason, Luke Easterling of reports. The third-year back has some extra motivation in the form of the Buccaneers' selection of Vanderbilt product Ke'Shawn Vaughn in the third round of April's draft, with the latter certainly a threat to put a dent into Jones' workload. The projected competition aside, Jones was likely to focus on improving his pass-catching acumen this offseason anyhow, considering his limitations in that area last season often kept him off the field on third downs in favor of Dare Ogunbowale. Neal recently posted multiple videos of Jones working on his routes on his Twitter account, including one with the USC product running a deep post and making an impressive catch about 20 yards downfield.” It’s that first part, suggesting he’s not done! He was told his height to weight ratio had to be addressed, clearly the man is dialed. Those receiving drills vs air, that’s, I don’t know what that is. He’s catching with his hands, but look at him, he’s huge!! Ronald Jones is a freakin’ load! The latter part of the quote pertaining to his “pass-catching” suggests what exactly? Whether he’s a route-runner, (accordingly, he isn’t) or whether he can catch the ball at all?
  14. I liked Matt Jones a lot, big, fast & could catch. Unfortunately he fumbled his way into obscurity. I’m surprised Vaughn is going that high so soon. He’s ranked 141 at & his adp has him as a 12th RDer at ffc. Oddly, he’s been trending downward there. Could be wrong but I think Tampa is going to run the football & be in the right play far more often. Both Jones & Peyton Barber faced a lot of base/stacked fronts... If defenses continue to tighten up into the short zone now that Tom Brady is their QB, I expect him to take full advantage. Get them pushed back, run the ball & more passes off run-action. Accordingly, Arians has never protected his QB all that well. He talks about it, but that seems largely the extent. Brady will take care of himself if Arians let’s him, which I believe is a certainty. If they succeed at establishing a run/pass balance, that OL will improve immensely & I see Ronald Jones, the ball-carrier, benefitting a lot.
  15. That’s it, just that you should be able to get him at the back of your draft. It was said & perhaps implied that since Vandy’s OL stunk, Vaughn did much of it on his own. If not, it doesn’t matter because you can find that material elsewhere. That he ripped off a bunch of explosive plays behind the worst OL. But of the big plays I happened to review, almost all of them had a lot less to do with him. They did have a high turnover of personnel from ‘18 to ‘19 & defenses keyed on him. His production dropped off, even though he had about 50 more touches. So, seemingly not a player capable of separating himself at the collegiate level. However, Arians & his staff envision Vaughn as a player who can “detach” & release into the pattern...