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  1. Go back? Zeke didn't get his touches under Garrett? ... If more of Zeke is the objective I don't know that Mike McCarthy is who you hire. Something tells me that McCarthy took the past year to really hone his philosophy & playbook. That Dak has had the time to absorb it & has been tested out. That's what's going on... with his QB, not the ballcarrier. I don't think he takes that job if he thinks Dak can at best, be a game manager. A player or two are going to emerge from this offense. My bet is a WR. This is assuming that Mccarthy will have considerable influence over personnel decisions.
  2. With Mike McCarthy as HC? Really love him but too often (for me) he wouldn't even show the threat to run on 1st & 10, with the lead or the game very much still in the balance. I mean, perhaps that changes, but....
  3. That was the part of it that New England & Baltimore couldn't crack. The Ravens moved the ball well enough between the 20s, but gave up on settling for FGs at the start the 2nd half. Whatever the Titans are doing defensively in the red zone, the Chiefs have to solve. With respect to Henry, whatever the Chiefs have in the form of thumpers at LB & run-stuffers along the DL, they have to be out there on early run downs. It's tough because those guys are often liabilities vs pass. We may see them play a lot of press/jam on the outside or all 11 in the box. Perhaps some 5-man defensive fronts aggressively firing off the snap in one direction or the other. Quality hits on Henry in the backfield is how you mitigate the power & vision of a RB like him. Well timed run dogs, Henry's a long-strider, so unanticipated adjustments in the backfield are big too.
  4. While you may be right, your reasoning isn't particularly convincing. For the one or two of us who are not in your league (again, given his current ADP), you're advocating Moore as our WR2 with a mid to late 2nd RD pick. As for Bridgewater, I'll remind that just a few short months ago, no one thought much of Ryan Tannehill either.
  5. Good insight, thanks! 'Cept, that's a lot going on & Bridgewater may get a much better offer than the stopgap QB on a rebuild... I also question whether Moore will be a value as a high WR2. If the current rankings at FantasyPros are any indication, he's going to come off your board much sooner than a Cooper Kupp & some other interesting breakout & bounce back candidates. Really love this player but likely a pass for me.
  6. I like him late in redraft, along with Russell Gage. Although, injury was a factor for both getting additional looks. Reportedly, the Falcons may move on from Devonta Freeman, so a RB may be the better value there.
  7. I agree with your latter point, but scouts know all about a prospect's work ethic & mindset before they bring him in. Obviously, players taken off the top have shown it all.... at the collegiate level. D.K. Metcalf has the skill set of a dominant primary, with extensive NFL bloodlines! But he was an early entry with very little experience at the previous level & a history of injury. Nor does Ol' Miss run a pro-style offense, purportedly. It may interesting to see how both A.J. Brown & Metcalf are defended this weekend.
  8. My top value targets at WR (Brown & Lazard) have already been mentioned. The Bengals are deep at the position but I think John Ross will definitely have the opportunity to produce. Marquise Brown is another one that could present interesting value. At RB I hope to double-down on Montgomery, Ronald Jones, Mattison & Damien Harris. At QB I suspect there'll be established choices that are favored, leaving Tannehill as a 9th or 10th RD value. The other veteran QB that's been kicked around but seems poised to break big is Teddy Bridgewater. At TE I'm on the Hockenson/Fant bandwagon as well.
  9. Rookie WRs that flash can certainly regress the following year, often do. At the collegiate level, Brown's commitment when he wasn't the focal point of the offense was questioned. There's a degree of uncertainty as to whether the Ole Miss scheme adequately prepares their wideouts to make the transition. That said, Brown was expected to make a quick transition & did. He teammate, D.K. Metcalf did as well. I agree that it may be best to view him as a mid-round value, especially (as is the case for me), you draft in the spring. That all said, Brown & Tannehill both are perfect fits for a power/possession style offense. Talent-wise, I think the two form an elite combination. The questions for me would be whether Derrick Henry remains a force that keeps defenses honest & given Tannehill's high football IQ, do they turn control of the offense over to him, on the pre & post snap. Brown is a 15th RD keeper option for me.
  10. We happened to get the Detroit game and I was really impressed. Reid & his staff are brilliant & McCoy knows his role precisely. I didn't see him fight for one single yard more than what was there. When they need a guy to go out there & bang, Darrel Williams can give them that. The instant McCoy senses those big bodies are converging upon him, he gets his @$$ on the ground! It's football, of course he gets hit, but he's not taking any more punishment than what's necessary. He could end up on the IR next week, but it won't be due to them misusing him.
  11. Hello Ethan, What I currently have isn't dynasty, but you'd have the option of joining a keeper league for 2020. I manage three leagues, one of which is already a keeper. One of the other two is going to become a keeper league, so you'd also have a say in establishing the settings. You'd adopt an 0-4 club that hasn't been abandoned, but the current owner wants to quit. You'd of course have complete control of your new team, including draft picks. Meaning, you can turn your team around pretty quickly by moving the pieces you have for draft picks. My leagues also feature a consolation bracket award(s). Which happens to be the 1st pick of the 2nd RD of our 2020 draft & waiver claim priority week one ('20)! So making the most of this season is an option. Further, I'm prepared to offer you the 1st overall pick of our 2020 draft or the 2nd pick of the 2nd RD, whichever is more advantageous for you. Feel free to ask me any question you may have. Thanks & good luck to your other teams this season. Mark
  12. I agree with the others, John Brown isn't a luxury piece for you unless you really have a feel for the other WRs you have. Do you, did you know to play Fitz week one & Kirk perhaps week two? Ross? If not, how do you intend to replace Brown? Tate? You know, if he ever gets to work with a QB who can consistently run him open, Sterling Shepard could be big! James Washington is another one you may want to consider. Now, that's coming from someone who also just traded Brown for Waller, but I also gave up LeSean McCoy to get him. In addition I got Geronimo Allison (who I've since dropped for Shepard) & a 9th RD pick for my 11th. I know, I know... but this is a new guy in my league & he adopted a team & is working an 0-2 squad. Plus, I had nothing at TE.
  13. If in reference to a play for Melvin Gordon, the reasoning doesn't support the contention. Looking to upgrade at the position isn't the same as them willing to dump Howard because they're confident with Sanders.
  14. Gordon was going to dominate passes of 20 yards or more anyway, could be that more of those are now pitches right out over the plate! We all know the Steelers moved Brown around & that he's just as capable of doing damage out of the slot. His career ypr isn't anywhere near 20 yards, despite being deadly after the catch. Could be he threatens Edelman more than what others are saying here.
  15. As others have noted, the mainstream narrative is that he'll press most everything vertical & he is that player. But the combination of that Bronco pass rush & the Raiders w/o several starters along the OL bodes for an unfavorable game script. But given how much of what's free is purposefully disinformation, one could conclude that the Raiders already know their protection scheme can't be something straightforward. Plus, should they manage to establish Jacobs, that would be huge. Never know, I'm considering him along with Gordon & Diggs.