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  1. What does your latter point mean? Apart from that smash spot vs Dallas a week ago, he’s struggled with ineffectiveness, right? And that was at 100%, if he’s even less effective once he does return, what are they going to do with him? Does this present an opportunity for this Jonathan Ward kid? He’s not built to bang up inside but he could likely help there some. His height to weight ratio certainly lends itself as a receiving ‘back. He might compliment Murray & Edmonds very nicely. I really need a ball carrier to fall out of the sky & onto my roster.
  2. I don’t care about any of that, I get players wrong all the time too. [...] I’m just really happy for him. We get all their games, New England is Buc country now. But yesterday was the first time I had heard any of them (Aikman), mention Jones‘ ability to break tackles. For those who haven’t had a close look at Jones, these haven’t been games where he had a 70-yard run vs air & the rest of it, mm, junk. No, he’s been earning every yard.
  3. What about Mattison & Godwin for D.K. Metcalf? I don’t know if the Cook owner will go for it but he’s also the Prescott owner. Metcalf he won’t have this week anyway. What do you guys think?
  4. Up here we’ve seen every Bucs game so far. Volume ‘backs on a short week, I don’t know. Especially when you consider that Jones must’ve broken like 20 tackles last week. I was among those who talked down Vaughn, but I agree, he’s likely to get more run this game.
  5. Going back & looking at his 2019 highlights, early on it appeared he struggled with maintaining his balance thru his breaks, which might be attributable to the added mass. But as the season wore on that seemed to be less of a problem, if at all. But what stands out on that tape & finding 4 or 5 runs from this past week, all of it, not a shred of misdirection, none! Show it & run it, there has to be some of that. Come off the ball and get a real push, yeah. But what play-action does for the passing game, misdirection does for the running game. Force that lateral flow up front, then by design, bring it back the other way. So if that’s indicative of their scheme on a whole, then yes, scheme would be part of it. You can’t go into Green Bay or Chicago in late January if your running game is an afterthought. There’s commitment to run the football x number of times. But scheme-wise, it appears to be very straight forward. Perhaps they’ll win out & play at home? I would say that if they don’t fix this they’re not going anywhere.
  6. If Sony Michel is their guy, that’s great. They drafted him in the 1st rd, stay the course. But for god sake could they please move Harris to a team that wants to run the football?
  7. Yeah, except that scoring is bonkers.
  8. By game three, perhaps, if Green is done then opposing coaches & players would be seeing that on his tape & shifting coverage away from him. But back the other way, it was said in the Boyd thread that when they were down near the goal it was Higgins getting all the gravy routes. For owners, if you can carry him, do it. But if he’s at the very end of your bench, regardless of investment, and help elsewhere is needed, show him the door!
  9. While he hasn’t assumed a featured role, as Lazard, Cedrick Wilson also broke big yesterday. One of more polished receivers when he came out, but not a lot of meat on the bone. Bought into the Cowboys conditioning program & it’s starting to pay dividends! Crowded stable, it’ll be tough this year, so a player you’d have to carry, but in keeper & dynasty, bing! If you missed on Lazard, Wilson’s also an excellent add, though, more long-term.
  10. Yeah, the counter seems akin to something like: the Patriots have any number of great every down ‘backs & they rotate them just for the hell of it....could be wrong, but my understanding is that they deploy more of a committee because they DON’T have that player. Going back to last season & to this point this year, everything we’ve seen & read suggests Harris is the closest thing they have to a volume ‘back. Reportedly, Michel has today to make the case for himself. There’s also the manner in which they’ve been utilized, they all factor on ST, Harris the exception. That’s been considered a factor in Harris often being a healthy scratch. If that’s true or still true, it wouldn’t seem to make a lot of sense that they’d activate him for something like 7 or 8 touches. Could be the opposite, should they activate Harris, it could be one of the others that sits, allowing them to activate a young LB or another player?
  11. I expect Fournette to be named the starter, why wouldn’t he be? Assuming you’re referring to the fumble, it was officially attributed to Brady and rightfully so. On that type of run, it’s the QB’s responsibility to ensure the exchange. But you’d be correct in stating that Jones was the one held accountable as the snap count then favored Fournette. That TD run he had at the end of the game was just a close out run, Jones, McCoy would’ve scored just as easily. It was probably their best blocked run of the game. Or perhaps, Carolina’s worst defended play. Fournette didn’t do anything special.
  12. Worth a shot I think. Here’s dumb, I have Chris Godwin & left Tyler Boyd in my flex slot, who has already played. I should be choosing between Benny Snell & Zack Moss but my only play is Allen Lazard in my wr2 slot. Deshaun Watson is my QB in two leagues & everything out there suggests he’s up against it today. Which could mean Will Fuller might also struggle. I feel if they start fast they’ll both do well, but it’s just a guess. That video featuring every one of Gibson’s touches is of interest. At 00:58 into it is his biggest gain but also his best play, imo. At 1:06 they show it again from the backfield cam. There’s already been mention of some of the suspect blocking & the OL, but nothing wins like being in the right play! Philly is running that wide-nine up front & five across behind it. Washington blocks this play very well, we were promised a lot of motion & misdirection & this play has it all. Gibson’s vision running up inside was a big concern when he came out but he does a great job of processing what’s in front of him & where to take this thing. Philly does overrun this play on the backside & Gibson runs up the back of his own man & ends up carrying the ball in the wrong hand. So, there’s certainly work to do, but I think he has a good shot at 15+ touches today. Also, the times they swung him out of the backfield, Philly was there & defended it well. So, perhaps he blocks then releases or they motion him out, lotsa stuff left in the toolbox as a receiver. Good luck either way.
  13. Not sure why you’re so offended. You have arguably, two top-5 players on your roster. I made a point of stating that, w/o knowing the exact circumstance, it didn’t look the part. Any idea why you ignored that part... entirely? It wasn’t meant as a dig, to the contrary.
  14. Considering only what you wrote, I think you could stand to join a better league.
  15. I own Boyd, started him last night, had him in my FLEX slot... I got distracted, focusing on whether to play Chubb. Anyway, there were too many questions with Green, so he was a pass for me but it’s a mistake to count him out. When they were negotiating his contract he was often quoted as saying he wanted to retire there. Great career, community-oriented individual, class act & they love him! But if he intends on playing another 4 or 5 years, why is he talking about retirement? Then you have this highly-touted rookie QB & younger receivers, I thought building his rapport with Boyd & Higgins would take precedent. Over the course of the season Green’s role may go from quick read, safe option to looking his way to better set up the others.