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  1. He went in the middle of the 8th round in my 14 team league last night. Decent size buy in with a few sharps in the league.
  2. There is a huge difference between research done in June as opposed to August. In June without the benefit of training camp and preseason you have to rely on your projections. In August any idiot can turn on the 3rd preseason game and see that the "2nd" RB on the depth chart is actually the one dominating the carries. As mentioned before in this thread ADP is much more fluid in July than August. Middle round guys regularly go one to two rounds earlier or later than their ADP at the time. At the end of August ADP is much more settled so it is rare for that much variation. A lot more opportunities for value when you draft early. Everyone takes the injury/holdout/suspension risk so you shouldn't worry about that.
  3. It really is dependent on the year for me. If I feel confident in my draft plan and I have a good grasp on who I want to target in the late rounds in June then let's draft in June. When I am less sure of what I am doing then I obviously want the draft as late as possible.
  4. Doesn't matter if you are black or not your post was ignorant.
  5. Really? You are advocating taking the ball out of one of the best QBs of all time and relying on a mediocre at best defense to get you the ball back? When you have someone as good as Rodgers you give him the opportunity to win the game. Punting does not do that. McCarthy is a coward and he should have been fired years ago.
  6. The way that you slow down high powered offenses is by running the ball and eating the clock. Obviously if they go down big early that goes out the window.
  7. This game has shootout potential written all over it. I understand Gordon is not likely to dominate the targets, but he is one of the few guys in the league that can get 4 targets and still put up wr1 production. I am firing him up over another WR on my team who is projected to score more points.
  8. Short term I think he is a hold. I don't see him being a consistent contributor the next few weeks outside of an injury. I am willing to gamble though that he can useful late into the FF season and into the playoffs. He obviously is talented and the Browns did take him in the second round. When the Browns are 3-9 what is the point in giving Hyde 20 carries? Unless Chubb is completely overwhelmed out there you need to see what you have in him. So I would expect him to get the bulk of the carries sometime later in the season. That is my theory and I have certainly been wrong before, but I am willing to hold at this point because I like the potential situation.
  9. A worthwhile lottery investment at this point in super deep leagues or if you roster 2 TE. He has a 13th round ADP on FFC so it helps that he doesn't cost anything and is talented. The TE landscape is so barren this year that, if he puts together two or three good weeks he should be tradable. Injuries are obviously a big concern with him. I got to think he has to be 100% or something close right now for the Bengals to play him in a preseason game. Who knows how long it will last, but for his cost it will be hard not to return value.
  10. I love my 14 team league it is super competitive. If you aren't able to get enough people for a 14 team league you could always just add more starting positions. For example if you currently start two WR make it three or add a second flex position. That thins out the player pool a bit.
  11. Great post. Zero RB or any strategy for that matter isn't anything to force, but if it makes sense go for it. This year there are a few spots where zero RB is interesting. Based on current ADP its possible to start a draft with Brown and Green or Hopkins/ODB and Julio. 3rd round you may find Hilton/Gordon/Hill/Fitz available. If that is how the chips fall I am not scared of starting a team like that.
  12. As of 7/19 I would prefer the 4th pick. I have 4 players in my top tier and would be happy with any of them. That is always my recommendation for determining where to draft. Figure out how many guys are in your top tier and take that pick.
  13. To me it depends on how good the rest of your team is. If you won your league or at least got close and you roster is in good shape just hold. If your team wasn't competitive with Kamara I would take this opportunity to trade him and upgrade 2-3 positions.
  14. Liking a lot of the first and second round talent this year. Early on I believe ADP will be all over the place which will make the earlier drafts fun. With the depth at RB I will probably end up with a lot more Gronk and Kelce next year.
  15. Auction best ball leagues. It's my drug of choice