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  1. Marcus Mariota owner looking for a replacement in a win a get in scenario.... is this guy trustworthy against the Bucs in week 13?
  2. Marcus Mariota owner searching for a replacement in a win and get in scenario..... Is this guy trustworthy at home vs the Rams week 13?
  3. "I was excited to come back this year" Didn't say that precisely but that's what it sounds like. tears......
  4. Is it true DJ said he is out for the year last night? ESPN put out an article saying so.
  5. Need Parker to outscore Graham Gano by 6.... what are my chances?
  6. LOL. very true. Let's hope he doesn't blow past his blockers again........
  7. Anyone else have a funny feeling Rawls breaks out tonight? Probably his last shot to be a starter in his career. I'm sure he is hyped up. Not sure if I have the cahones to start him though.
  8. Is it time to sell while people still see the 20+ points games? I'm not seeing many more of those in the future......
  9. I think woods or kupp will have a big game... just can't figure out which one......
  10. Rotoworld just released a blurb confirming it a few minutes ago.
  11. any thoughts on Kenyan Drake? Gase said he is the No. 2.. Ajayi bum knees.. no bye week for them to get better.........