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  1. Yeah for as cheap as he was in daily it was just so tempting. At least pats D is saving me
  2. No work at all for burkhead this game? He is active right? Using him in daily and thought he might sneak in a td or something
  3. Good way for gates to go out. He really should retire though as long as Henry doesn’t have any issues
  4. Does Jackson have any hope of being a good passing quarterback. He just looks mediocre at best out there
  5. Malcolm butler was playing titans d there for sure. Wonder if that td messes with Vegas too
  6. Peterson looking real good. Guess he doesn’t want to be upstaged by Derrick Henry
  7. Henry first round pick next year? Lol. To be fair if any running back could handle 400 carries or so it is him
  8. more of an assistant coach forum question but no doubt connor and cook. DJ is basically jeff fisher's todd gurley and sean mcvay isn't being hired to revamp the offense. same with rosen so not sure how much better that offense gets especially if larry retires. Cook if healthy looks like a stud and obviously so does connor
  9. What’s up with cooper? All he had so far was a run.
  10. you know what might help the texans? A run game.... oh.... yeah... blue sucks mr 2 ypc. for those of you saying miller isn't that good
  11. if lamar isn't in at this point I'm not sure there is hope... texans look so done
  12. wonder if now the chiefs pick him up. might not be enough time though since they play thursday. How can a player who seems decent keep getting cut i wonder.
  13. same. Hansen with the troll. Lamar has even been a decent goaline back historically despite being smaller. Blue only weighs 5 more pounds anyways
  14. Decent wr2 is his floor but he can absolutely win you a week with his big play potential either after the catch or on a deep route that dak can hit. He’s like a Tyreek Hill before Mahomes
  15. What was that about the pat. I did hear a whistle so maybe it was a dead ball?
  16. Lol Lamar miller has almost 10 points with negative rushing yards. Crazy. Btw nice troll by Scott Hansen saying it was blue
  17. wonder if the cam shoulder injury is the reason cam didn't run it in
  18. harbaugh has loved dixon for years. Gus gets the yards but between jackson and dixon he will have very few td chances. depressing
  19. devlin td dependent rb2 ros lol. poor michele owners
  20. subbed lamar in at the last minute so hope he delivers today. kc will give him chances
  21. Maybe we all overreacted but hard to forgive leaving him out of the goaline carries twice