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  1. Commenting on a trade scenario is easy if a side contains AD I would choose Davis side
  2. Orlando is playing better than expected and everything is going well for Vucevic. I wouldn't do that.
  3. I wouldn't do that. Ben Simmons doesn't fit your team well.
  4. I would do that trade. But another centre either from waiver wire or gathered by a trade would be nice afterwards.
  5. They're very close and the one who fits your team better is the right choice I think.
  6. Original one; Lillard side Swap Kyrie/Dipo with THJ ; AD side Swap AD with Whiteside; Lillard side
  7. I don't think Levert will be useful this season. Bridges is also not a sure thing but if he can't reach his potential you can still find a good one in 10 team league waiver wires. Waiting Levert in a ten team league with nı IR is a bit of luxury for me.
  8. A guy in my league offered me Durant and Prince for my Jokic and Teague. Durant is the best player in the deal but i am worried about his health/rest issues and this trade will make me weak at center position in my 2 center league. What do you think?
  9. 1- AD side 2- AD side 3- McCollum side
  10. Siakam and it's not close for me. I don't know anybody who picked Rose and didn't regret at the end.
  11. There's absolutely no reason to veto. I hate that kind of leagues
  12. In a classical 9-cat league Kemba easily. But depending on your league settings I would choose Westbrook.
  13. Hard choice for me but still I would choose Ibaka. Hayward is shaky at least for this year.