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  1. thanks for the reply. def ship kyrie out. i love kyrie as a fan but he's always been on my DND roster. its inevitable he'll get an injury. especially with playoffs coming, if not an injury then hes gonna sit out for way more games.
  2. thanks for answering my q. kemba and mitchell is a wash at the end of the season. mitchell is a second half player. i love siakam so he beats out both fox + redick and schroeder is a good handcuff to westy and shows he can ball along side him. id say u won.
  3. Wherever jimmy goes, he’s gonna do fine. Guy is ranked 3rd standard when Kat supposed to be top 3. He’s got that mj mentality and expects the best out of his team. I’ve been floating offers for jimmy n snagged him for roco and levert. So yeah def Buy low. He will be worth it for end game
  4. Just got Otto in two of my leagues. One for one Hield and one for one Saric there’s your value gauge fellas btw otto will def boujcebback because the wizards lost like 4 outta 5 games. In the game that they won Otto had what 4 3’s and 16/10 with 1/1 stocks. He in brooks dog house cus he a man n didn’t wanna suck brooks off like Morris and oubre ferreal tho like the other posters said. Hold Otto if u got him too talented n gettin paid 26 mil just to rot on the bench, fo gonna doggie brooks real soon
  5. hey man thanks for answering. i think youd be giving up too much for westy. hes tryin to buy low on booker and dray cus ones sorta hurt and the other is just playing bad. i would probably hold. also do u think westbrooks ft will be come back up? thanks