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  1. Free Verdugo. Traded to the Sox...
  2. Denver should be looking to run the ball all day....
  3. Kyle Allen is still a turn over machine....I’m sticking with Sea.
  4. Any reports of him being limited or on a snap count?
  5. FWIW, bad weather typically favors the offense since they know plays/routes that are run prior to running them. Defenses have to be more reactionary in response to the plays which can lead to slipping, missed tackles, etc.
  6. Dont you think Denver will try and run the ball a bunch? Don’t see many to opps in this game.....I’m leaning Seattle over KC.
  7. I’m eyeing Seibert, but also starting to have a feeling this sf game might be a shootout. Koo is averaging double digits per game in my league....how do you sit that?
  8. Snowy conditions with a rook qb looking to keep the ball out of Mahomes hands. Look for Denver to run. Lindsay.