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  1. the worst part is i'm in a stupid league that wants to refund the entire pool even if people are not making the playoffs..with 1 week left. theres even a regular season prize (me), that's also gone..with 1 week left. SMH.
  2. I think if the pot was originally for top 3, then just award it to the top 3 finishers..like people played and tried the whole year so should be rewarded as such. It sucks for the other teams but the situation is what it is.
  3. I'm in competitive 12 team money and he's on the wire..I have #1 priority...in debating cause I'm first right now but he will be useful playoffs anyways..
  4. i have #1 waiver..im in #1 right now..do i use it on Norm after Oubre going down?
  5. Didn't AD have two steals looks like they took it back...bleh
  6. Yeah I'm trying to send flyers out and can't catch anything..might just drop him if there's a hot player on WW..aside from his FG his across the board line is nice
  7. Guy couldn't hit water if he fell off a boat I'm looking to trade him just for that I can't be losing FG all the time with AD and others...
  8. Are you guys holding? His season his fallen off the rails
  9. I've been offered Josh Richardson for him and I'm honestly thinking about it cuz I think jrich will finish top 50 ros while this bum finishes outside 80..
  10. He's offering me Richardson whose injured for 3 weeks..I'm fed up with Turner his only value of 2 blocks...which is hard to find I know..
  11. Lmao If your 100% you have to play what is this. He can get injured next year or even walking the street too I don't get it. How you paying him a gazillion dollars to be 100% scratch. 5 games out of playoff spot isn't impossible at this stage to make up and you can ramp up minutes slowly
  12. the plot thickens. LOL @ all you saying its done deal hes being shut down
  13. lol what. im not saying whose right/wrong. im saying the Wiz have no reason to hold him out. yeah your probably 'right' they wont play him im just arguing they have more incentive to play him to showcase. feel better? will that make your life complete? lol. you guys man..