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  1. Remember the two games where Holmes sucked when Bagley came back? And what happened after?
  2. Clutch ftw. White Klay Thompson in the making.
  3. And we're going to overtime! Wow they called a foul on the inbounds?
  4. Reminds me of the Reggie Jackson trade to the Pistons. People picked up the backup of the point guard that got traded away. People soon dropped him when Reggie got traded to the Pistons. Either way, picked up Napier for the time being. This is my first add for the week, so no loss pretty much.
  5. Any chance he gets to improve his ranking? He is within the top 100 these past two weeks. Either way, he's a great end-of-bench option.
  6. Is it crazy to think he'll have an uptick in assists since FVV is out? We have the same build. I have tons of scorers too, so I filled the rest with the likes of Gasol, Bruce Brown, and Beverley. Huerter is coming to his own as a scorer recently though.
  7. Grizzlies are undefeated at 12-0 whenever he scores 20 or more points. Still was is and still is, amazing.
  8. He has ascended. Prime Nikola Jokic / Giannis Antetokounmpo, y'all.
  9. Grabbed him in all 3 leagues I'm in 🔥
  10. Challenging the title for WW pickup of the year 👀🔥
  11. He was hovering around top 50 before he got injured. He gives you sneaky stats that many don't really notice, especially since people always look at points. He can give you rebounds, assists, 1-1-1 from the C position. Plus, he'll get minutes, since he's the team's best defensive anchor.
  12. Anything to see here? Wood playing down the stretch with Drummond on the bench. Not even on foul trouble with just 3. Close game too. Anything to see here?