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  1. Everyone should read the 1st page of this thread. It makes for interesting reading.
  2. Go back and look what happened last month. On March 11th Rudy Gobert was diagnosed with coronavirus. Even though the whole team shared a locker room only Gobert and Donovan Mitchell were confirmed to be positive for the virus. By March 27th both players were cleared and the whole team and team personnel were cleared. So even though the whole team shared a confined space locker room only 2 players tested positive and were cleared 16 days later. So I think if 1 player gets the virus its not going to infect the whole team.
  3. Well opening day was suppose to take place a couple of days ago (March 26th), but if its any solace opening days use to start much later in the year. I recently took up a collection of Yankees pocket schedules and I want to share the date of the first game of the season and the last game of the season for each season. Now granted they played a lot more doubleheaders back then, but perhaps we can make this work by squeezing in games once they start the season. 1964 April 14-October 4 1965 April 12-October 3 1966 April 12-October 2 1967 April 10-October 1 1968 April 9-September 29 1969 April 7-October 2 1970 April 7-September 30 1971 April 6-September 30 1972 April 6-October 4 1973 April 6-September 30 1974 April 6-October 2 1975 April 8-September 28 1976 April 8-October 3 1977 April 7-October 2 1978 April 8-October 1 1979 April 5-September 30 1980 April 10-October 5 1981 April 9-October 4 1982 April 6-October 3 1983 April 5-October 2 1984 April 2-September 30 1985 April 8-October 6 1986 April 8-October 5 1987 April 6-October 4 1988 April 5-October 2 1989 April 4-October 1 1990 April 3-September 30 1991 April 8-October 6 1992 April 7-October 4 So the latest they started a season was April 14th in 1964 and they finished on October 6th in 1991 and 1985.
  4. Dam that is it. Its a RP and SP league so there is no way at the moment for him to appear.
  5. You are wrong. Jordan Montgomery is not in the Yahoo pool of players.
  6. About to do a job on fffing Yahoo tonight and tomorrow and just saw that they don't have Jordan Montgomery in the player pool. Really?