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  1. Team is open again - Seems Kessels Hotdogs likes to join leagues. Change the team, then leave without notification.
  2. Bit of a project 10 Team H2H Most CATs 40 man roster with 25 Active 15 Bench Minor Bench of 15 Team https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/fp2bdtvzkastmow7/team/roster;teamId=avov87iqkastmox4 Summary https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/fp2bdtvzkastmow7/rules If Interested or For More information, Email me RKic63@Gmail.com
  3. Recently transferred from ESPN to Fantrax due to ESPN start up issues. 40 man rosters - 25 Active. Open team is in a rebuild with quite a few prospect level players that could be traded https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/3ipjfdw0jmxdjv42/rules If interested or for more information Email me - Bramuin@icloud.com
  4. Last team left: A bit of a rebuild, but has #1 pick in a straight format http://fantasy.espn.com/hockey/team?leagueId=1164&teamId=4
  5. Hoping to start our 7th season filled. Need 2 replacement for 10-1 draft. 8:15 pm ET. Keep 30, draft 10 Settings http://fantasy.espn.com/hockey/league/settings?leagueId=1164 Teams http://fantasy.espn.com/hockey/team?leagueId=1164&teamId=4 http://fantasy.espn.com/hockey/team?leagueId=1164&teamId=5 If Interested, Email me At Bramuin@gmail.com
  6. Open Team 4 taken again. Still Open teams 2 and 3 available