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  1. He kinda reminds me of a young Rondo with a much better 3 stroke and somehow a worse FT%. And Rondo was BADDDDDDD at ft%. Excellent line tonight though, I did a double take.
  2. I'm in a similar situation, Lowry in my IR spot in a 12 team H2H. Lowry is due for an update on Saturday, if he's coming back shorty thereafter I think I'd hold Otto. If Lowry is out for much longer I think I'll cut bait on Otto.
  3. His blocks were low to start last year also. By mid-November he came around.
  4. He looks like a NBA player. I think starter or bench role is what he's working out now. That's IRL. In fantasy, you can't trust Fiz rotations outside of 2-3 guys. Trust me. Talent is irrelevant if it's on the bench because the coach is unpredictable.
  5. He's as advertised. Good when he plays but he get hurts a lot. This year his TS% is crazy high and I think PPG career high as a result. Not much to complain about for a guy who was 50th or $8-$13 in auctions.
  6. I remember reading something about you throwing Dame in to get rid of Conley.
  7. He's been a pretty bad shooter historically. Like really bad. Nice couple of game stretch though. Maybe he's a late bloomer? Regardless, I wouldn't trust the Fiz rotations in a money league. You never know when a 3 game DNP stretch is around the corner.
  8. Thumb fracture on non shooting hand. 8 games or so
  9. 12 Team deep bench, start 2 C's, H2H 8 cat. Auction. I made the playoffs with this team; G: Booker, Sato, Middleton, Redick F: Love, Lamb, Collins, Powell C : Gobert, Capela, MitchRob Stream 3 spots Admittedly not my best draft. I ended up punting Ast due to injuries, punting Stl soon followed for the same reason. 2nd time I've won this league in 5 years, felt great. In the conversation for the best waiver work I've ever done in any league, ever. Won the champ. 6-2 but only won Ast by 2, Stl by 2 and Blk by 2. This could easily have ended up in the Cool Story Bro thread if I had less luck. Above all other things, nothing beats taking your friend's money fair and square XD
  10. I think you'd be looking for minutes vs start or not start. If his minutes will be 24+ per, he will contribute nicely. Even off the bench he does well with that kind of minutes played.
  11. He's just entering his prime and his per 36 spiked after the trade this year so those are good signs. He really needs minutes though. His last few games were absurdly good but that was on like 38 avg mins per. I'd take a round 7-10 flier on him, similar to Sato.
  12. Legit won my main league for me 😃 . I take back 1/2 the bad things I ever said about you
  13. I see the case for Doncic. If PHX got Morant + Booker, I can see Ayton sliding. Not enough touches. Maybe that's just me though.