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  1. Thiago has joined the league. Who else wants in? Two spots left.
  2. 16 teams, Real life Salary Dynasty league. It is FREE and we are using s Superflex. I have the rosters down below and the scoring will be as consistent across multiple positions. It will be a head to head matchup style with points being our marker for winners and losers (Pretty standard). If you have any questions or would like to join, email me at We would like to get moving as soon as we can since the rulebook is in place, Fantrax is set up, Slack (messaging system) is good to go and Proboards is set up outside of some formatting. Hope to see you there. The Google Doc attached has our rulebook. I have ran a successful Dynasty Baseball league over the past 11 years so I take these leagues very seriously and wont bail or anything like that. I only say that because there is nothing worse than putting a lot of time and effort into leagues like this just to see it fold. We want the best 16 owners we can find and have some fun as well. Brooks
  3. We are looking for an owner in a 16 team dynasty league I am in. It is in its 2nd year and we have a very good group of owners but one guy was dragging behind so we moved on and looking for a great new guy to re energize the league and the team! The team is struggling but.... it has three stars In LeBron, KAT, and Paul George who can all be moved and create the depth it needs. 9 category head to head league and we use real life contracts. If you are interested, send me an email at: Thanks!