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  1. Open spot still?.......if its a startup dynasty would prefer slow that possible?
  2. Me and a friend are looking to join a new forming dynasty league entry fee anywhere from 50-200 bucks. Want to do a slow auction on couchmanagers for the startup draft. Preferably 12-14 teams and ran on cbs but I guess fantrax is ok too. If you are starting one up I got 2 possibly more if you need em. Thanks:
  3. Myself and 2 friends are looking to join a new redraft league........would like it to be h2h, 100 bucks buy in, and not ran on or cbs preferably. shoot me a email if you are starting up a league or know one with openings in it
  4. Has the league filled up yet. I have 2 others plus myself that are looking for a league
  5. Would like to find a new dynasty league........looking for site to be ran on CBS, slow auction ran on, money league. Roto or H2H either is fine with me. Would like to try a salary league with contracts as well. If anyone is starting up a league le tme know im in.
  6. You can run the draft on I have done many drafts on there. It works pretty good.
  7. Any chance you would consider a slow auction draft for the dynasty. I would like a shot at every player when starting up a dynasty.
  8. I have me and a friend that would play.......send invites to and please.