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  1. Check out our A Advanced league! nationalpastime.freeforums.net
  2. Hey still looking for a dynasty startup. I'm running o e on ESPN for free. 10 teams 30 man roster. Slow draft. Ppr. Head to Head points.  Let me know thanks.


    1. jstoudt21


      I’m not. Thank you though! 

  3. This one is pretty interesting, anyway, check it out if you want.https://forms.gle/icZVULJTU6DWxeB47
  4. I should also say, not interested in themes (like heroes, anime, etc). I don't get the concept and I like the more realistic feel to leagues anyway. If you're interested in mine, the rules are pretty much setup like the settings i'm looking for. I can get rules to people that way too. Either way let me know.
  5. I'm looking for a dynasty startup league. I wrote rules up to create one myself, but I run quite a few baseball leagues so I'd like to see what's out there before I commit to running my own. What I'm looking for: MFL, with graphics (not a deal breaker) 32 teams Real life setup Salary Cap IDP Prefer one player pool but two isn't a deal breaker either NCAA themed is awesome too. I've seen a couple on here but nobody has gotten back to me on them. The more teams the better. Not sure on the buy-in price, but willing to do something less than $150. Prefer a lot lower, even free is fine. If you have anything feel free to message me. Not opposed to taking over an orphan team if the league itself is solid, but it would have to be in a 32 team league. Not really interested in smaller leagues. Thanks guys.
  6. To the top. If you're looking for a good experience, a dynasty league, and some place where you can interact with a bunch of fantasy baseball enthusiasts, look no further! Class A Advanced will be our last dynasty startup in 2020, with a focus on Class A and Class A Short Season next offseason. "What if I don't want to play dynasty?" Then look no further than our GCL themed redraft league. It's 18 teams with large rosters, no contracts, and real life GCL team names. Picture the GCL league as your typical ESPN redraft league you would join. Class A Advanced ($30 buy in) has 18 spots remaining, with a couple looking over the rules. GCL ($18 buy in) has 14 spots remaining. If you're curious, head to our site (nationalpastime.freeforums.net) and view the header bar, where you will find the MLB team pages, AAA, and AA (draft ongoing). If it seems like something you'd be interested in, sign up!