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  1. Grayson Allen is out for the year also it seems.
  2. Playing devil’s advocate but not sure it may come primarily because Oubre seems to have taken a next step in his development and on the team. With Ayton out, Oubre cemented himself as the #2, that may stick and Monty loves him. But Ayton can surely secure himself as the number 2 to Booker again of course. Moving forward Ayton and Oubre can interchange as the #2 guy on offense on a nightly basis.
  3. My guy 👊🏾 Thanks. I agree with you. Just wanted another voice of reason.
  4. I’ve been an Oubre owner from after the trade from Washington. Dude is a straight baller. But have to question, is he a sell high right now? He’s taken it to another level recently while playing heavy mins.
  5. I picked him up just yesterday and decided to hold mainly because it's an injury to his non- shooting hand. If the injury was to any part of his back or lower body I would probably passed because they would be extremely cautious. My guess is that he should be out there once cleared and his body would be ideally fresh. Steph still is a baller and wants to play. He can also be trade bait as a last option.
  6. Doubtful because of load management with the back to back games. I don’t mind, whatever it takes to keep him on the court.
  7. I’m in the same predicament in my 16 team league. I know I will have to bid high of I want to get him. We started with a budget of 1k and I have $785 left. I’m thinking to go $400 minimum but not sure at all.
  8. I’m in a 16 team and he’s on the waiver. I think I will scoop him. He’s not been the best but it’s still early in the season.
  9. Batum really helped him last night and is a plus for his game moving forward. He consistently gave him the ball in the post on the pick and roll switch. I’ve seem so many times in previous games, where he would have the mismatch in the post and wouldn’t receive the ball at all. Literally pleading for the ball. He’s only going to get better and killing already.
  10. Y’all need to stop hating on Melo. Still can be serviceable. Just depends the size of your league. In a 16 team he’s probably better than what’s on the waiver. Definitely not for 10 or 12 teams probably because of who you would be dropping and there are better options on the waiver. . He’s also going to be playing with Dame also who will help make him decent at least. Get em Melo!
  11. I was waiting for a thread to get created. Thinking heavily to drop Kenrich Williams and take the chance on him.
  12. I say Goga. Sabonis is also questionable with a calf injury.